Road rehabilitation in Gweru stalls NDS1 will focus on key infrastructure, including road construction

Patrick Chitumba Midlands Bureau Chief
The rehabilitation of roads in Gweru has stalled after the contractor requested for a revised budget citing high operational costs.

Gweru City Council public relations manager Mr Manford Gambiza confirmed the development, saying deliberations were on-going.

Although Mr Gambiza could not state the actual budget needed for the rehabilitation to continue, last year council budgeted about RTGS$4million which has since been eroded as commodities and services continue to skyrocket.

He said out of the 29 roads that were meant to be rehabilitated, only two roads have been done and were waiting surfacing.

“The contractor has pulled out after submitting a revised quote for the works due to the harsh economic conditions and deliberations are on-going,” said Mr Gambiza.

“Only two roads have been done and these are Morah Road-reconstruction up to base one level and awaiting surfacing and Swazi Road next to Mkoba 3 High School – reconstruction was also done up to base one level and awaiting surfacing.”

Council, he said, has observed that motorists are removing barricades on the roads and using the roads before completion and in the process damaging the roads.

Mr Gambiza encouraged motorists not to use roads that are under reconstruction, saying it will be an additional cost to council as it will be forced to folk our more money to re-do damaged areas.

“Road rehabilitation is meant to benefit our residents and we call on motorists to desist from using roads that are under reconstruction as that damages the roads,” he said. “When damaged, council will folk out more in re-doing the damaged areas.”

Mr Gambiza said roads targeted for repairs are in the central business district and the low and high density areas.

“Targeted roads for rehabilitation are Simon Mazorodze, Kandemhuru Ascot, Matobo Road, 7th Street Extension, 3rd Street, Nyamupingidza, Wentworth, Chitseru Mkoba 13, Bristol Road, Coventry, Chirandu- Senga, Grays, Coolmoreen, Josiah Chinamano, Bradley, Ndlalifa Mtapa, Link Z.R.P Mtapa, Swazi Mkoba 3 High School, Chilimanzi, Munhuruka Mkoba 12, Rufaro- Ascot, Maposa- Mkoba 3, Ziyambe Mkoba 14, Ngara Mkoba, Chidanana Mkoba 16, Morah/Mutambara Mkoba 17, Mandimhura- Ascot, Muzeze Mkoba 14 and Mkoba Road,” he said.

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