Rising STI  cases worry Govt

hiv2Abigail Mawonde Herald Reporter
Government is concerned with the increase in sexually transmitted infections, especially among youths and students at universities and colleges. Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa says his ministry will embark on a nationwide campaign aimed at raising awareness since a rise in STI infections means a rise in HIV transmission.

The National Aids Council last week said over 53 000 people were infected with STIs in Harare alone between January and June this year.

In an interview yesterday, Dr Parirenyatwa noted that the STIs were now prevalent among youths and students in tertiary institutions. He said this was evidence that people were not using protection and exposing themselves to the STIs.

“We are very worried in the sense that if STI cases increase, HIV cases will be on the rise too and this gives us a clear picture that people are not using protection. We, as a ministry, need to have another huge campaign against the spread of sexually transmitted infections,” he said.

Last week, NAC provincial coordinator for Harare, Mr Adonija Muzondiona told The Herald that STIs were on the increase in Harare.

“In Harare we are getting a lot of people who are being infected with Sexually Transmitted Infections. We have about 53 000 people who were infected with STIs from January to mid year,” he said. Statistics provided by NAC also indicate that there was an increase in STIs among teenagers.

However, the first quarter of this year marked a decrease in new STI cases recorded at provincial levels.

During the fourth quarter of 2013, Harare had 14 743 cases which decreased to 9 760 in the first quarter of 2014, Midlands had 6 278 which fell to 4 527, Masvingo from 11 201 to 7 491, Matebeleland North 1 794 to 1 675, Matabeleland South 4 101 to 2 661, Manicaland 7 377 to 2 400, Mashonaland East 5 624 to 3 846, Mashonaland Central 6 280 to 2 872, Mashonaland West 5 467 to 4 108 while Bulawayo was the only province that recorded an increase from 2 626 to 3 333.

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