RG sues applicant for $3,5m

Nyore Madzianike Senior Court Reporter
Registrar-General Mr Clement Masango is suing a Harare man for $3,5 million for reportedly accusing him of corruptly and habitually abusing his office by issuing emergency travelling documents to his relatives and friends.

Mr Masango, through his lawyer Raymond Nembo of Nembo Attorneys, filed the defamation suit at the High Court, saying Godwine Gumisai Mureriwa injured his reputation in the eyes of the public and his      employer.

Mureriwa is said to have made the utterances on September 19 at Makombe Government Complex in Harare by telling Central Registry staff, as well as members of the general public, that Mr Masango allocated emergency passports to his relatives, while prejudicing deserving applicants of a timely service thus deliberately sabotaging the Government’s economic turnaround effort.

“The said statement was driven by malice and was intended to defame the plaintiff and injure his reputation, lowering him in the estimation of his subordinates, his employer, his family and the ordinary reasonable person, exposing him to public ridicule and contempt in his professional and personal capacity,” said Mr Masango.

In his papers, Mr Masango claimed Mureriwa should have verified his allegations before uttering the statement.

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