Columbus Mabika Herald Reporter
The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) is committed to coordinating, promoting and controlling research in all spheres of the economy to leapfrog development, industrialisation and modernisation in line with the President’s vision to attain upper-middle income status by 2030.

In an interview last week, RCZ executive director Mrs Susan Muzite said research was key to economic growth and is at the centre of decision-making processes.

“Research is crucial to foster economic development through innovation, increased production, efficiencies and effectiveness,” she said.

“To this end, RCZ will continue to be more forceful in the coordination, promotion and supervision of research throughout the country as we seek to leapfrog the development, modernisation and industrialisation of our economy towards middle income status by 2030.”

Mrs Muzite said the RCZ was funding research programmes in line with Government approved national priority areas, which include social sciences and humanities, sustainable environment and resource management, promoting and maintaining good health and national security of Zimbabwe.

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