President Mnangagwa hands over 100 vehicles to chiefs

Herald Reporter

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has today replaced condition of service vehicles for chiefs, distributing 100 double cab Isuzu vehicles.

This is part of Government’s ongoing programme to ensure chiefs are mobile and to restore their dignity.

Speaking during the handover of the vehicles at a local hotel in Harare, President Mnangagwa said:

“Given the role of our traditional leaders as custodians of our culture, traditions, history and heritage, among other responsibilities, it is necessary that their dignity and conditions be of acceptable standards.

“Besides being traditional leaders, chiefs are also public servants who are mandated by the Constitution of Zimbabwe to preside over their people, promote sound family values, resolve disputes and more importantly, champion the promotion and preservation of our culture and heritage.”

Traditional leaders are the vanguard of traditional values in the wake of cultural imperialism by the West.

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