PRAZ appoints CEO Mr Ruswa

Maxwell Tapatapa-Herald Reporter

The Procurement Authority of Zimbabwe is set to automate its operations and move away from the manual systems as part of measures to bring efficiency and effectiveness, newly appointed chief executive officer, Mr Clever Ruswa has said.

He said the transformation of the organisation from manual system will also go a long way in containing the risk of contracting Covid-19 through handling of physical volumes of papers. Mr Ruswa said this last week at a function where he was being unveiled as the new head of the organisation replacing Mr Nyasha Chizu whose contract was recently terminated by the organisation.

“In as much as we are talking about Covid-19 our quest is to make sure that we automate our processes to end but some of our stakeholders out of the 345 procuring entities most of them are still using manual systems so we still get some physical documents which are difficult to handle,” said Mr Ruswa.

He said PRAZ was going to review its regulations in 2021 as it moves to fully support Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), in line with the attainment of Vision 2030.

“In terms of outlook I think we are promising as management and we will stick to our mandate and make necessary amendments which are in line with our policies. Our vision is to become a centre of excellence as a regulator. ,” he said.

In announcing the appointment of Mr Ruswa, PRAZ chairperson, Mrs Vimba Nyemba said the Board was confident that he will be able to steer the organisation to another level based on his expertise and experience.

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