Polad welcomes re-engagement efforts

25 Nov, 2021 - 00:11 0 Views
Polad welcomes re-engagement efforts Mr Hlabangana

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Joseph Madzimure Senior Reporter

Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), which groups almost all the political parties in Zimbabwe, has commended the Government’s efforts on its commitment to engage and re-engage the global community.

After decades of isolation from the global terrain, President Mnangagwa’s diplomatic efforts through the “Zimbabwe is Open for Business policy” has unlocked various opportunities since the inception of the Second Republic, seen most recently in the President’s invitation and fairly warm reception in Britain to attend the COP26 conference.

While those in the MDC-A tried to downplay the significance of the invitation, Polad members appreciated the significance of the visit, after more than two decades of isolation. But the invitation to attend the climate conference in Scotland cannot surely be viewed in isolation of the tremendous efforts undertaken by the Second Republic to engage and re-engage with all countries of the world.

Under the New Dispensation, Zimbabwe has taken a new foreign policy thrust anchored on economic development and catalysed by a willingness to open every possible door and get others to respond positively.

Rapporteur of the POLAD International Relations and Re-Engagement Committee Mr Kwanele Hlabangana said Polad is pleased by the efforts made by the Government.

“As Polad we are very encouraged by the efforts of the Government on the ongoing engagement and re-engagement drive. The historical participation by His Excellency President Mnangagwa at COP 26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland is a clear sign and indication that Government is very serious about returning back Zimbabwe to the family of nations.

“We believe his visit will influence perceptions about our country as we continue to call for the removal of sanctions. As the re-engagement committee, we also believe that it will further boost the way we are doing our business on engagement and re-engagement exercise,” said Mr Hlabangana

Polad chairperson on International Relations and Re-Engagement Committee Mr Divine Hove said the New Dispensation has shown the world that it was prepared to institute reforms that will buttress and entrench the democratic environment in the country.

“We, therefore, need to view the recent historic diplomatic mission to Scotland as part of the softening and appreciation of Zimbabwe’s development and adjustments to the evolving global community ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The visit by the President to the United Kingdom was very symbolic. I am sure you recall that Zimbabwe has not be invited into some international forums for years. It was a significant event in the sense that the President was invited,” he said.

Mr Hove, however, said engaging and re-engagement should not compromise the country’s sovereignty.

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