Poets unite against cholera

12 Nov, 2018 - 15:11 0 Views
Poets unite against cholera

The Herald

Kundai Marunya

Arts Correspondent

When the cholera epidemic seems to be well contained with vaccinations being carried out in different areas, poets remain defiant in their fight against the disease.

Through the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Movement, local wordsmiths are employing their creativity to advocate for a healthier nation.

Led by celebrated poet Mbizo Chirasha, the movement will be publishing an anthology online speaking truth to power as well as citizens of the country.

Chirasha said he called on poets to participate.

“We put out a call for poetry submissions using social media and online platforms.

“We want to put together an online Cholera Poetry journal. Our deadline was 10 November 2018,” he said.

Originated as a poetry campaign voicing against vices of human rights abuse, poverty, penury, and corruption, the movement has been influential in pushing for positivity in the country.

“We say no to cholera and our poetry is speaking to the Zimbabwean leadership on this. People need clean water, sufficient ablutions and clean spaces,” said Chirasha.

The poetry journal will be published online.

“Our poetry Journal will be published on our online site Miombo Publishing while other poems will published on our creativism Facebook group, 100 Thousand Poets for Peace- Zimbabwe where we promote freedom of expression, and awareness,” he said.

Chirasha has been compiling poetry from different writers on various issues including gender equality and gender based violence.


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