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Piracy-hit Manyeruke puts a stop to new stuff

16 Sep, 2019 - 00:09 0 Views
Piracy-hit Manyeruke puts a stop to new stuff Mechanic Manyeruke

The Herald

Nyore Madzianike Senior Arts Reporter
VETERAN gospel musician, Mechanic Manyeruke has vowed not to produce new stuff in the near future until responsible authorities have put in place measures to curb piracy.

Baba Manyeruke, as the popular musician is known, revealed he was tired of creating music that does not benefit him.

“I have realised that I am working for nothing,” he said.

“Everything we are producing is going to piracy and there is no reason for me to continue working while someone will be waiting to reap the fruits without putting any effort. It is not fair.”

Baba Manyeruke called on authorities in the music industry to rise to the occasion and explore mechanisms of guard their music against piracy.

Further, Baba Manyeruke emphasised on stiffer punishment for perpetrators.

He said it appears between little and nothing was being done to fight piracy as people involved were doing so without fear of possible reprisals.

“It is sad that most of these people are freely doing it without fear, knowing that no one will ever challenge their illegal activities. They are making a living out of the musicians’ sweat and we are saying this must come to an end.”

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