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AN 18-member delegation from the Pakistan National Defence University yesterday toured the National Defence College.  The delegation, led by Major General Jamil Masud, comprises senior defence and public sector officers is in the country to exchange ideas.
“The relationship between Zimbabwe and Pakistan is friendly and very close and this dates back when your liberation movement started. From that time, we have been together,” said Maj0r-Gen Masud.

Major Gen Masud applauded Zimbabweans for the way they fought the illegal sanctions and said his delegation had a lot to learn from Zimbabwe.

He applauded the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for the visit and said this would strengthen the cordial relationship.

He said the National Defence College which was started recently was now one of the best national colleges he had come across.

“As of us we took many years to come with the standards which you now have here. We are proud of Zimbabwe and we have a lot to learn from you.

“We are hopeful that one day you will shine. Already you are on top in Africa but still because of certain external pressures you may not be able to do that, but the way you are bringing up, one day you will be one of the greatest countries in Africa,” Maj0r Gen Masud said.

National Defence College commandant Air Vice Marshal Michael Tedzani Moyo said Pakistan has always been standing by Zimbabwe.

“Our relations date back to the pre-independence era and strengthened after Independence. When we had problems, primarily in the Air Force, we got a delegation from Pakistan officers,” he said.

He said the delegation which also included pilots and technicians came to assist in building the Air Force of Zimbabwe.

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