Outburst over Miss UZ crown

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Outburst over Miss UZ crown Panashe Kimberly Peters (Miss UZ 2019 and reigning Miss Tourism Harare)

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
Miss Tourism Zimbabwe board chairperson Sibusisiwe Dube-Muleya has said models are free to enter any pageants considering that they meet the requirements and standards.

This came after an outburst by some local models and the public after Panashe Kimberly Peters was crowned Miss University of Zimbabwe 2019, beating 14 other contestants last weekend.

Organisers of the pageant had highlighted earlier that for one to enter, she should be a university student and if the model holds another title, she is still allowed.

Peters was also voted Miss Personality 2019 apart from the coveted crown, while first princess went to Rutendo Marimirofa. Maria Chidume was voted second princess.

Cash prizes and vouchers are still being finalised.

The beauty queen (21) is the reigning Miss Tourism Harare. As such, some members of the public complained that she was not supposed to enter considering experience and influence as a reigning beauty queen.

“I think it’s not fair at all considering she has the vast experience.

It was obvious that she will win because most of the contestants she competed with where new on ramp.

As a beauty queen already how then will she handle the duties of both crowns? What does the law in modelling say about such incident?” said one local model who commented on condition her identity is protected.

The model queried that Peters had downgraded to Miss University of Zimbabwe.

However, Dube said people should not be judgmental as this suffocates talent.

“Modelling is an art and career. It is allowed in the industry to enter as many pageants as you can as long you meet the requirements and standards of the pageants. Again the model also has a right to check with the organizers if they can allow her.

For Peters, I see no bars that can limit her, she is Miss Tourism Harare not Miss Tourism Zimbabwe.

If she was a national queen, then it was a different case.

I have also checked on both duties of both crowns and they are not conflicting.

People should not be jealous but support their own,” she said.

Dube said Peters will not be allowed to enter Miss Tourism Zimbabwe pageant again.

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