Of music as a managed business

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The Herald

Tinashe Mutero
When everyone scrambles to get a piece of the hottest bands in town, chances of average bands and upcoming artists to make it become so slim. It is particularly, more difficult for the newcomers who in most cases do not have any sponsorship. Life is tough and most of these young artists have put their hopes on their music.

Maybe they want an effective and productive Union? Most of these artists want to live off their talent but without a name, many never live to see their dreams of filling beer-halls, let alone the HICC, come true.

Details of Zimbabwe’s moribund economy are abundant in the public domain, I will not say much about it. Just maybe to say the new political turn and leadership seem to be making moves in all the right directions, bless them.

I just hope that the Davos trip will aid the economy to recover and in the process music promoters regain the confidence to gamble with new artists and of course seasoned but unheralded players. Read differently, I hope that we will see ethical promoters who do not want to fleece unsuspecting artists.

Hope is also that artist managers such as Jonathan Banda will be able to export Winky D’s musical talent while Marcus Gora spreads Mokomba’s reach to every corner of Zimbabwe. Before, then we might just be content with knowing Keen Mushapaidze (Jah Prayzah’s manager) and Walter Wanyaya (Tuku and Brian K’s manager) are the only artist handlers who have managed to make their artists relevant at home and abroad.

Benjy Nyandoro’s name should also appear up there, he is one of the few managers who have exhibited craft literacy, creating well-oiled machines and efficient systems. Unfortunately, most of his colleagues do not have craft competency, they cannot copy!

Speaking of failed managers, my comrade, Gift Petro was outwitted by Keen. I am sure all of us remember how most music critiques of note were against Andy’s move to join MTM. You will also remember how everyone who reasoned against the move was labelled a hater.

It really does not feel good that the haters were right. Not because I was one of the people for the move. It is just that I am worried we have a swarm of tactless people who either write beautifully or post filtered photos on Facebook deceiving people that they are actually smart.

That is dangerous for our country. What legacy are we leaving? We need to restore our legacy as a nation of smart people.
Baba Keketso had shown amazing potential to either topple Jah Prayzah from the summit of Zim music or at least to give him healthy competition.

Is Andy going to rise to his potential? No one really knows, the boy is trying out every sound

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