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Of gloves and layering this winter

27 Jun, 2020 - 00:06 0 Views
Of gloves and layering this winter

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Fashion 263

Another week has passed and we are still in winter.

I am sure you are on the right track though when it comes to dressing up for winter.

Last week, it was Father’s Day and I focused on men’s winter wear. I got feedback and suggestions that I should touch more on the subject of layering during winter.

Sometimes you want to layer your clothing just to showcase your style, personality, and take a risk in fashion.

Gentlemen, with the white shirts at work it is now difficult to wear a white vest as part of layering because it leaves prints, hence you end up like you are wearing a woman’s ‘bra’.

A tip is why not wear a grey t-shirt or even a grey vest, something that will not pick your shirt colour tone.

Again, it is actually wrong, not formal at all, to leave your shirt open at the top, showing your inside t-shirt.

Although layering allows you to stay warm and cozy while out and about in winter weather, make sure you take off the coat or a jersey on top so that you will not sweat.

In addition to a scarf, which is an accessory and a must-have in this cold, you need to have gloves as part of your essentials.

It will be not cool to have frost-bites at a petrol queue or Zupco bus queue or even at a market.

Some say that they may prove inconvenient at times, such as when we want to use our cell phone, but you just need to know how best you can pull a look.

The in-thing gloves at the moment are the black leather with small pot-knuckles design.

Celebrity fashion stylist Anesu Mhembere said one of the major point why people wear gloves is to protect your hands from moisture loss.

Mhembere affectionately known as ‘Minister of White Linen’, said he prefers leather to wearing mittens, although they are too warm.

“I have noticed that we lose moisture from our bodies a lot of times, especially in winter with typically lower humidity levels,” he said.

“Wind carries moisture away from the surface of the skin and strips our delicate skin of protective oils. When that happens, it has no defense against the onslaught of the elements.

“You will have chapped skin. I know, that doesn’t sound very dreadful, but if your skin chaps enough, it could lead to breaks, cuts, and bleeding and this could be very painful indeed. Once you have a break in the skin, you have an opening, no matter how tiny, for microbes to invade and cause an infection. Prevention is so much easier. You can easily prevent this from happening by using a moisturiser every day, perhaps more than once a day if you are spending lots of time outside.

“The second important thing you can do for yourself is wear a good, warm, pair of gloves when you venture outside. Gloves keep warmth and moisture trapped inside, greatly reduce moisture loss, and conserve the delicate oils in your skin.”

Well, keeping moisture and oils where they belong will prevent chapping, drying, and bleeding, especially this winter.

There are no two ways about it, but Vaseline should be your favourite.

Back to wearing mittens, I know some have fond memories of wearing mittens as children, but I would rather leave it to the children and ladies unless if you are a fashion trendsetter or blogger, then this one is for you.

At work you end up looking like an grown-up kindergarten student.

After all, it takes a certain amount of dexterity to guide all 10 fingers into the proper resting places, so for very young children, mittens work very well.

But as we got older, gentlemen, we have graduated to leather gloves.

Point to be taken is that gloves set tone and mood of your fashion statement. To avoid being a clown, wear black as it suits all wear.

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