Of Ginimbi’s all ‘white party’, picnic styles

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

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Oh what a cream, or should I say ‘off- white’.

Yes, hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

This is what I can say if I am to describe the recently held Genius Kadungure ‘Ginimbi’s’ birthday party.

As always, the businessman throws lavish all white birthday parties and this time around he chose to celebrate it at his mansion in Domboshava.

I am sure it was because of Covid-19 restrictions which forced the decision to bring the party home.

Guests were invited a month before the event, giving them much time to prepare on what to wear — which is a headache for many.

Getting the invite alone is a privilege, which some people would always want to be associated with.

Ginimbi always does it the ‘Diddy way’, throwing lavish themed parties and inviting the who-is-who in his circles.

That was the same with Ginimbi’s party — the expensive alcohol and decorated delicious food, and obviously it was a ‘golden opportunity’ for those who have never been close to his recently bought posh cars, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, to take a glimpse.

I am sure that because his parties have been trending the past years, what Ginimbi had in mind was that his guests could stick to the theme.

If you are invited to a themed party or wedding, please be guided by the rule.

For an all-white party, guests are supposed to be in white, even if you want to accessorise your attire, make sure it is close to white.

One thing you can get away with is jewellery because it is either pearl or silver or gold that blends well with white.

For some reasons some of our local celebrities came to Ginimbi’s party dressed in white attire, with some inscription printed with a different colour, some even wore black, red, green and yellow shoes among other accessories.

Ladies and gentlemen, in such a case, you distort the party style of the organisers and it kills the vibe, mood, spirit, yet alone pictures. I would suggest you talk to a stylist or fashionista or even check the latest trends on the internet and how to look good at a themed party.

As far as dressing is concerned this year, Ginimbi’s all white party lost its glamour and touch because of those who broke the dressing rules.

I rate the party at 6/10 because there were some invited guests who looked on point, including the birthday boy.

That then leads me to a conversation I had with a colleague who is attending a picnic-themed party.

She was stuck and did not know what to wear, but wanted to rock some denim jeans since it was a weekend .

Well, as they say, going on a picnic is a perfect way of spending the day under the sun, laughing with friends and eating a delicious meal.

And just like with any other special activity, your outfit needs to rise to the occasion as you might need to have pictures for Instagram.

According to StyleZone, apart from wearing a cool picnic outfit, there are some accessories you need to take with you, not only as nice complements, but also as helpful items that will make your picnic day much more enjoyable.

Hats are perfect for protecting your face from the sun. But the best part is that hats can bump up any casual outfit as they are complementary.

They also flatter almost every face shape and make you look much more fashionable.

Sunglasses are another accessory you can’t miss on your picnic day. Remember that you will be under the sun for hours on end, so sunglasses are a must.

Jeans are often the number one option that pop into some people’s minds when thinking about casual outfits.

Yes, you can get away with jeans, but you just need to spice it and the easiest way of styling your basic jeans is with any type of layer. Throw on a jacket, kimonos, vests or blazers, to remove the casual coolness.

The popular maxi-dress tops the list and best if it is colourful, you look like ‘Alice in Picnicland’.

Gents, I won’t dwell much on you because like we mentioned before, shorts and cargo pants top the list.

Since you now know the perfect hairstyles for a particular season as said last week, there is no need to say more on this.

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