‘No room for chicanery  in Zanu PF’ President Mnangagwa

Fungi Kwaramba Political Editor

AHEAD of Zanu PF Central Committee elections this weekend, President Mnangagwa has said there is no room for chicanery, name dropping, violence, or imposition of candidates in the ruling party.

To fill positions in the Central Committee, which is the highest decision-making body outside Congress, President Mnangagwa said Zanu PF will have to stick to its democratic principles, which entail free expression, identification, and selection by relevant organs of the party.

The President told the 365th Session of the Politburo yesterday that relevant party departments and the National Elections Directorate must see to it that party rules and regulations are adhered to in the Central Committee elections.

“There is no room for chicanery of whatever nature and form. Vote-buying, violence, name dropping and imposition of candidates are not and will never be part of our political organisational DNA.”

To fulfil the party’s indispensable values of democracy that were soldered during the liberation struggle, culminating in the attainment of independence in 1980, President Mnangagwa said the Central Committee elections must be approached “with great diligence and, purpose and spirit of camaraderie”. 

“This is more so as the Central Committee is the highest organ of the party in-between congresses. In light of this, every cadre of the party is reminded that there is no room for concessions with regard to matters of party principles, rules and regulations. 

“We are a revolutionary party, which fought and delivered democracy and the utility of universal suffrage. At all times, we must practise and defend that democracy.

“As the only party that is representative of the people of this great country, we must continue to observe to the letter the provisions of our party constitution, party ideals and ethos.”

President Mnangagwa said all eligible members of the party had a right to participate in the elections, subject to the rules, regulations and procedures. 

“I, therefore, call upon the relevant party departments and National Elections Directorate to ensure that the rules and regulations are well clarified, explained, understood and adhered to.”

The President also rallied Politburo members to remain resolute in providing sound, principled and consistent guidance and leadership as this will ensure the continued growth of the revolutionary party.

“Let us, thus, never shy away from making bold and sometimes uncomfortable decisions for the growth and continuous re-generation of our party. We are the only party with a revolutionary history; a people-centred agenda for the present and a vision for the future. As such, our organisational acumen, fluidity and strategies must reflect accordingly.

“As national leaders, individually and collectively, we must move in one accord. Our unity must never be tampered with. Violent and divisive elements must be denounced, exposed and rejected. We are servants of the party and the people of this great country.

“These are the ideals we set for ourselves from the formative stages of the revolution and our colossal mass party,” President Mnangagwa said.

Amid continued sanctions against Zimbabwe that are designed to dislodge the ruling party from power, the President said youths must be nurtured to remain the vanguard of the party as he commended Zanu PF structures and affiliates for the sterling work in mobilising and recruiting new members towards ensuring 5 million votes in next year’s elections.

“The mobilisation work by all leagues of the party alongside other affiliate organisations is applauded. The increased attendance by the youth at various Government programmes and the overall visibility of our party, through robust efforts of affiliates such as the Young Women for Economic Development; Men BelievED; ZICOSU; Teachers for ED; Councillors for ED and Mahwindi for ED, among others, should continue to be encouraged.

“The youth in particular must be nurtured to remain the vital contingent and vanguard of our party. Their role in the present national development agenda as well as the need for them to defend the rich liberation heritage should continue to be explained to them. 

“This is more pertinent as our erstwhile detractors and their proxies continue to seek ways to capture and politically corrupt our young people. Zanu PF will never surrender its responsibility to guide, guard and provide for our young people.

“As we keep our organisational focus on the 2023 Harmonised General Elections, the revolutionary rallying call, ‘muZanu PF iwe neni tine basa,’ must galvanise our grassroots towards exponential growth of the party membership and resultant voters.”

President Mnangagwa said the onus is on every member of Zanu PF to work around the clock and ensure that the party resoundingly wins next year’s elections.

“No one should be allowed to divide our party. We are one, colossal, mass revolutionary party; hence every wing of the party, affiliate organisation and indeed member, is directed to work. Together in unity, from the village, ward, constituency, district and provincial level, we all shoulder the responsibility of ensuring a resounding and thunderous victory for the party in the 2023 Harmonised General Elections”.

A moment of silence was observed in honour of national heroes Brigadier General Charles Kaneta and Cde Highten Nkomo who passed on recently.

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