Nine-year-old shines in street

Isaac and his father perform along First Street

Mercy Bofu Lifestyle Writer
The old adage; age is nothing but a number has been given a whole new meaning by Waterfalls-based youngster Isaac Gonora. At the tender age of nine, the lad is already into music and at the same time serving as a breadwinner for the family. His brilliance does not lie only in vocals but he also a drummer, dance and comedian all rolled into one.

When you pass by in the streets where performs alongside his father surely you will be attracted by his skills as the little one is really talented.

The young boy is a key member in a family band called First Street Band led by his father Daniel Gonora (40), who is blind and a former band member of Jairos Jiri Band, which was once fronted by the legendary composer and lyricist Paul Matavire.

Isaac is talented though from a poor background as he started playing drums at the age of four and he was taught by his father, who discovered his talent at that tender age.

Isaac, who is now in Grade Three at Blackfordby School in Waterfalls, strives to survive as at times he is forced to abscond school for shows as that’s the way-out for the family.

At times Isaac has to leave school for shows because he cannot go to school without food and fees and in these drums that’s where his fees come from so there is no option .

“Mostly I perform with him as he attracts many people because of his talent and age,” said the senior Gonora, who formed First  Street Band in 2002 as a means to fend for his family since he is visually impaired and that was only his way out to fend for his family.

I would like to thank God for the gift and I want to thank him a lot because all my children are talented either one can dance or sing though Isaac is the best considering his age testified Gonora

The young boy is really talented but only needs support as his father is striving to achieve.
“It doesn’t mean that street playing is really paying but what I’m striving for is that maybe one day someone will come forward and give us instruments to form a strong band and that will be the legacy for my child Isaac as I see future in him,” Gonora added.

Isaac said when he grows up he wants to sing like Alick Macheso or the late Tongai Moyo as these are his favourite and he at times tries to play the same way these two do.

The family band performed at the Disability Expo held in Africa Unity Square last month and they really entertained the crowd with their dancing skills and fun chants.

The family is based in Waterfalls and they perform in the streets as they do not have funds to buy instruments.

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