New talent search show to hit the screen

New talent search show to hit the screen Moses Matanda
Moses Matanda

Moses Matanda

Xolisani Nyathi Arts Reporter
A new talent show dubbed “Zimbabwe Greatest Talent”, which gives exposure and opportunity for gifted artistes in various genres, is set to hit the screen soon.

The talent show features creative artistes of all kind such as sculptors, painters, weavers, potteries, designers, magicians and singers.


In an interview, the director and producer of the show who is also a filmmaker, Moses Matanda, said work is already in progress and the show will soon be screened on ZBCTV.

“Auditions for presenters were conducted and out of the 200 people, only two managed to stand out and these are Tendaiishe Chitima aka Tensugars and Kudakwashe Jena aka Smurfet. Our assistant presenter will be Sophia Mukukutu. We have started shooting already and the show will soon be screened on TV.

“The quality is good and we hope it will come out as expected on TV.”

Matanda’s film “Dead End” is already making waves on ZTV and he is set to bring a new dimension through the show.

Asked on how they find the show so far in terms of shooting and travelling, the presenters of the ‘‘Zimbabwe Greatest Talent’’ show Kudakwashe and Tendaiishe expressed hope for a successful programme.

“This show has given us an opportunity to travel and see different places and talents in Zimbabwe. We never knew that Zimbabwe had so much talent and it’s good that this programme is there to expose and reward those who’ve got what it takes to show off their talents as you will soon see on TV. Not only will this talent show expose those who have talent across Zimbabwe, but it will groom us as upcoming presenters as well,” noted the presenters.

The young presenters are promising and might be the next big thing in Zimbabwe when it comes to presenting.

Matanda said there are prizes to be won in this talent show.

“The winners, those who have extra-ordinary talent will walk away with great prizes and on season three of this show, winners will receive grants to promote their businesses and a chance to headline a show at Zimbabwe Trade Fair.

“This show will not only entertain people but will also create employment and endorsement of the ZIMASSET programme”, Matanda added.

The programme is being produced by Honde Valley TV.

Paul Dairai Mutseyekwa of Honde Valley said there are different partners they are looking forward to work with for this show to be a success.

“We are looking forward to partner relevant ministries. We want to identify and promote talent across Zimbabwe, create employment and equip talent with skills and create a platform for the talented to showcase their talent or products locally, regionally and internationally.”

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