New Jaguar F-Pace: Dynamic, versatile Suv

New Jaguar F-Pace: Dynamic, versatile Suv 2017 Jaguar F-pace

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2017 Jaguar F-pace

2017 Jaguar F-pace

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The new Jaguar F-Pace made its debut on the Sub-Saharan market a year ago and took over the sport utility vehicle market by storm. It is the newest member of the Jaguar family, the first Jaguar SUV and the first aluminium intensive model in its class.

It has exciting proportions, a dynamic stance that easily identifies it as a Jaguar! The most remarkable thing about the F-Pace is its appearance which has been influenced by the F- Type.

“Every Jaguar should draw your eye from a 200 metre radius and I believe the new F-Pace’s presence on the road is second to none in its class,” said Ian Callum Jaguar’s director of Design. What impresses the most on the vehicle is the futuristic design of the vehicle. The design of the F-Pace will make you want to buy it the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Elements such as the slender full-LED headlights, forged 22-inch wheels, and the bold upright front grille reinforces its all surface potential and its aero-dynamic efficiency.

The sleek headlights, available with adaptive full-LED technology, feature daytime running lights which give the vehicle its foxy look and are an exceptionally smooth and homogeneous light source.

As you drive it you can feel its superb handling capabilities and that it is light and easily gains momentum. This is attributed by the light stiff body structure which comprises of 80 percent aluminium, and is the only aluminium intensive monologue in the segment.

Additional weight savings come from the composite tailgate and magnesium for parts such as the cross-car beam. The F-Pace provides a quiet and smooth ride and as you drive it you can feel the sophistication and you easily derive immense driving pleasure. It is a true five-seater with a spacious, luxurious interior featuring the premium materials, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Infotainment technology is just as advanced in the F-Pace and is tailor made to suit anyone. It has the premium In Control Touch Pro system which is based around a 10,2 inch touch-screen and an intuitive user interface with graphics that are sharp and very responsive.

It has a state of the art navigation system which shows on the 12,3 inch HD virtual instrument cluster you can easily enter the address of the place where you want to go and within a few seconds you are on your way! The F-Pace was meticulously engineered to handle the rough terrain, such that the wheel and tyre combination offer the optimum balance and resistance.

The 22 inch wheels which are unique in this vehicle segment give the F-Pace high levels of on road dynamics and traction on challenging surfaces. It is available in four models, i.e. the F-Pace Pure, The F-Pace R-Sport, The F-Pace S, and The F-Pace First Edition.

It is equipped with Jaguar’s powerful and efficient supercharged V6 petrol engines. With a choice of either 250kW or 280kW which offer breath-taking performance.

The automatic transmissions offer smooth, seamless shifts, while the all-wheel drive system delivers a peerless driving experience. For adrenalin junkies you will fall in love with the 250kw and 280 KW, 3,0 litre super charged V6 engines which shares its engine with the F type sports car.

The F-Pace offers an array of technologies all needed to make the journeys easier and safer, from traction systems to get you moving on low friction surfaces to an emergency braking system that can recognise pedestrians.

The Jaguar SUV is now available on the Zimbabwean market at Premier Auto Services, an authorised Jaguar Land Rover dealer.

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