NAMA opens Tammy Moyo acting career

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NAMA opens Tammy Moyo acting career Tamy Moyo

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Clodine Manyozo Arts Reporter

Musician Thamsanga Moyo, fondly known as Tamy Moyo, got her first nomination in the NAMA awards in 2017,  opening a new door for her future.

Tamy said Sydney Taivavashe, the director of the film “Gonarezhou”, approached her in 2017 telling her that he wanted her in his cast.

“The director approached me at the NAMA Awards in 2017 saying I was the suitable candidate for one of the characters in his film and he had me in mind for a while,” she said.

The Ndibereke singer was invited for the auditions and she did not hesitate.

“Late 2017 I went for the auditions and l did not hesitate to go as it was a great opportunity for me.”

The storyline heightened Tamy’s interest in the Gonarezhou movie.

“When I got to know the storyline and the vision, I got more interested in the movie,” said Tammy, who is starring as a village girl named Sara in the film.

Starring in the film gave Tamy another chance as she is also part of another short film which is also being directed by Sydney Tivavashe.

Even though Tamy has ventured into acting, she has not stopped singing.

She has plans on some projects which she said she could not disclose at the moment.

“I am working on other things in my music career but I am not saying it out at the moment.”

Talent Midzi from Nelned TV said they have worked with Tamy before and they saw that she is the best character.

“We have worked with her in a short film called Goredema which is not out yet and we realised that she would be the ideal candidate for the Gonarezhou film,” she said.

She also added that Tamy was a quick learner which would make the job easier for them.

“Tamy is very focused and quick to learn and this will obviously make us want her for more projects,” added Midzi.

Midzi said they had great experience with Tamy and were excited that they introduced her to the film industry.

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