Nakamba should grab Newcastle chance Marvelous Nakamba

Phillip Zulu in LEEDS, England

THE revolution being witnessed at English Premiership club Newcastle has targeted the acquisition of Marvelous Nakamba.

The Zimbabwe international has been facing stiff competition, in the defensive midfield roles at Aston Villa, where Douglas Luiz now takes a leading role, at every turn.

Looking at the Premiership table, one is tempted to think the reason behind Newcastle’s interest in Nakamba and others, is for them to try and guide the club to safety.

Surviving the chop is key to the long-term strategy, of the revolution, because the millions already spent cannot be justified in the Championship.

The way Villa survived relegation, in the two previous seasons, had all the qualities of seasoned battlers, who withstood all the storms, in probably the toughest top-flight league, in the world.

The wealthy new owners of Newcastle are showing good signs of understanding how the Premiership works.

They know surviving relegation will be a huge achievement for their fans, club and stakeholders so that short-to-medium stability is realised.

Without scuttling the long-term strategic plans on board, at the club.

At this level, no chances are taken and everything is done to try and recruit the personnel which can keep the club afloat.

This is a rare opportunity for Nakamba, which usually comes once in a millennium.

It’s similar to how Benjani Mwaruwaru also got recruited at Manchester City, during the initial stages of their revolution.

The strategy worked at the Citizens and they built a strong foundation for them to enjoy the success, which their fans now take for granted, these days.

This is a huge opportunity that Nakamba has to grab with both hands, without even blinking.

He should realise that such a move will possibly guarantee his stay in the English Premiership, and all the rich pickings, which come with playing in the league.

Nakamba needs to be playing regular football, for the sake of his confidence and rhythm, and he can’t develop if he keeps warming the bench.

The Warriors want a Nakamba who will be firing, full of confidence, and who can provide leadership to the national team, at the AFCON finals.

Newcastle definitely need a player like Nakamba, in that area of their team, and they also urgently need to overhaul other defensive positions, in the back line, revitalise their offensive midfield areas.

They also need goal-scorers to support Callum Wilson, who has carried their attacking threat, mainly on his own.

Newcastle United are a sleeping giant, who have been in the doldrums, for a very long time.

They have waited patiently, for far too long, and they deserve this new excitement, within their stable.

They need to turn a new chapter, in their quest to compete with the big boys of the Champions League, Manchester City have established themselves as a permanent member.

At his age, Nakamba wants to be actively commanding a regular position, in the English Premiership, and ensure he makes his presence felt.

Villa rejected an approach from Everton, for Nakamba, just before the season started.

In return, they seem content on keeping him on the bench, as if to suggest he is not good enough, to play regularly, in the Premiership.

At Newcastle, he will find a fan base, probably one of the best in the world, which worships this club.

He will find fans who really love their players.

Supporters who make their players feel special and such a relationship could help Nakamba get back his groove.

He is a good player but he needs opportunities.

Newcastls United’s most exciting player, at the moment, is Allan Saint Maximin, who provides a remider of the good old days, when Faustino Asprilla, and David Ginola, were playing for the club.

Saint Maximin brings that creativity in wide areas, of their attacking play but, sadly, he lacks support, to help him punish the opponents.

That’s why the recruitment of a player like Nakamba is key.

He sill provide the security, which the Magpies will require in midfield, a play to win back the ball and also help protect the defence.

It will give someone like Saint Maximin, the freedom, to go forward, and try and hurt the opponents.

This is a huge break for Nakamba and he should go for it.

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