Mutemeri launches  anti-drug abuse campaign Gina Mutemeri

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Two weeks after being crowned Miss Zimbabwe Queen first princess, Gina Mutemeri has launched her campaign “Just Beat It”,to pursue her advocacy targeting youths on drugs, mental health, peer pressure, unemployment and assisting them to beat all societal ills.

The media personality and model on Monday revealed the campaign plan during an interview on radio, where she shared the story behind the idea and how the project works.

To address the problem of drug abuse in the country, Mutemeri hopes to eradicate the ill which she said was affecting the teens and youth’s lifestyle, causing them not only to suffer healthwise, but taking away their time.

According to her, “Just Beat It”, is a step-by-step entrepreneurial programme that will not only help eradicate the ills, but enable the youth to start their own projects after empowerment sessions.

On creating employment, the programme will shed light on important topics such as knowing what is needed to start a business, how to draw up a business plan, how to register your own company, what is their intellectual property, how to do market research and market their service and offering with different supply chains, among others.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Mutemeri said the project was part of her preparation for the international stage.

“I am yet to know which international pageant I will be vying for,” she said. “Our prize ceremony is next month as per norm, but I have started preparing myself already, engaging modelling coaches, speech therapy and walk coaching, among others.

“Before contesting, I was already working on advocating against drug abuse in communities. Fortunately, enough now I am upgrading and equipping more on the project and have decided to call it “Just Beat It”.

Explaining the concept “Just Beat It”, she said it was about beating down everything.

“My campaign is fighting everything ill in community about the youths,” she said. “I would be going to schools, churches and communities where I will be teaching and empowering them about the dangers of the substances.

“I have also engaged some companies and authorities to help push the campaign. So far I am working with the right time and have been submitting letters for sponsorship and proposals to achieve this goal.”

Mutemeri said her desire was to bring an international crown home and also change the narrative and perception of the local modelling industry.

“I would say help me achieve this goal and bring the crown home,” she said. “Gone are the days many used to think that modelling did not pay and projects die the day one gets the crown.”

Mutemeri, who is aiming to be an established television presenter, said her project will be in three pillars – promoting child rescue hotline, raising funds to equip her team with resources and creating a sustainable ecosystem that facilitates the rescue and rehabilitation of vulnerable children.

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