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MSU student demands maintenance from dad

MSU student demands maintenance from dad

Ivan Zhakata Court Reporter
A Midlands State University student has taken her father to the Civil Courts demanding maintenance.

Nyaradzo Julius, a third year student, wants her father Walter Diya to continue paying maintenance which he has not been paying since last year.

The father, on the other hand, begged Harare Civil Court magistrate Mrs Gamuchirai Siwardi for downward variation from $380 to $150 arguing that Julius was a student on attachment getting an allowance.

But Julius accused her father of neglecting her, and failing to pay the money as per the court’s order.

“I am opposed to his application because he has not been paying the money since last year when you ordered him to pay $380,” she said.

“He has a backlog of about $600. I am supposed to pay school fees for this semester, but he has paid nothing and he is accusing me of working but I am only on attachment.

“My attachment only lasts for a year and I need money to complete my studies so I am opposed to his application for a downward variation,” Julius said.

Diya also told the court that he was not getting paid on time.

“My salary has been cut and it is not coming on time and I am failing to pay the money, so I am pleading with the court if it may be varied downwards to $150,” Diya said.

“She is not the only child going to school and moreover, she is on attachment, so she can also maintain herself with the allowance she is getting,” he added.

Mrs Siwardi postponed the matter to today for ruling.

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