MP calls for youth participation in economic affairs

14 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views
MP calls for youth participation in economic affairs Cde Mugweni

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Cletus Mushanawani Mash Central Bureau Chief

MAZOWE North legislator Cde Campion Mugweni says youths must take advantage of vast opportunities availed to them by Government to be active players in the development of the nation.

In an interview last week, the youthful legislator said gone are the days when youths were used by senior politicians for selfish gains.

“Youths are the majority in the country and those aged between 21 and 40 should channel their energy towards national development. Zimbabwe is the only country with youths and a women’s bank, a sign that the leadership is committed to the empowerment of its citizenry.

“As youths, we should take advantage of these opportunities to economically empower ourselves. For our voices to be heard, we should be leaders in championing our causes,” he said.

“Gone are the days of politics of sloganeering. Economic emancipation should be the driving force in everything that we do. We should also desist from blame-game and ask ourselves what we are doing to improve the country’s economic fortunes. Charity begins at home and we should be part of the equation in solving the country’s economic woes.”

He also challenged youths to utilise the vast resources in the country.

“We have a very big informal sector in Zimbabwe and youths should also be players there. Most of us were born under sanctions and it is our time to be active in busting them.

“As youths, let us visit our provincial mines and lands offices to apply for claims and land. It is easy to get a mining claim here in Zimbabwe compared to countries like South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria. Opportunities are there for everyone, but we are not utilising them.

“You can lease a farm and help Zimbabwe regain its breadbasket status. We need foreign currency for crucial sectors like health and energy and if we fully utilise the land we can have more exports of our agricultural produce,” he said.

On alleged factional fights in Zanu-PF Mashonaland Central province, Cde Mugweni, said personality clashes should not be blown out of proportion to be viewed as factionalism.

“We are reading some of these issues in the press, but on the ground we are a united front. Personality clashes should not be blown out of proportion. We are all solidly behind President Mnangagwa’s leadership.

“As politicians, we are duty-bound to deliver on our election manifesto and not to be at each other’s throats. Youths as the vanguard of the party should stay away from factional fights.

“Before you do anything, you should ask yourself whether the nation or an individual will benefit out of your action. If you find out that an individual is set to benefit from your action, then stay clear off any mischief.”

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