Mobility boost for councillors with disability President Mnangagwa hands over car keys to Clr Patrick Mukahanana at State House in Harare yesterday. The President handed over vehicles to Zanu PF Councillors with Disabilities. The beneficiaries are councillors from Sanyati, Vungu and Mutasa Rural District Councils. - Picture: Believe Nyakudjara.

Maxwell Tapatapa-Herald Reporter

WHERE their colleagues can walk or cycle, councillors with disabilities are often left behind and oft-time forgo their mandate.

But then President Mnangagwa is leaving no one and no place behind, and it was in that spirit that three people with disabilities, who are also councillors, received vehicles to help them execute their mandate.

The three councillors were guests at State House in Harare yesterday and left driving or being driven by their assistants.

They described President Mnangagwa as a Good Samaritan, who not only helped them, but walked the talk on a promise made some time last year.

In September last year, at an all councillors indaba held in Harare, the councillors with disabilities asked for cars from the President to ease their work since they could not ride motorbikes given to their counterparts due to their conditions.

At the indaba last year, the President promised to honour their request which was then fulfilled yesterday.   

At the handover ceremony, Sanyati Rural District Ward 6 Councillor Tsunga Matara said the cars they received will go a long way in promoting community development as well as campaigns.

“We had a first-time indaba with the President which was the first of its kind and that’s when we got an opportunity to share our problem as councillors living with disabilities, as we had no means of transport.

“That meeting resulted in the President buying us these cars. These cars will help in my position and even in contesting the upcoming election. The disability fraternity has been strengthened by this gesture,” said Clr Matara.

Mutasa Central ward 16 Councillor Patrick Mukahanana said the vehicle will help in delivering 5 million votes to the President come elections.

“Today’s gesture comes at the right time as we have been facing challenges. Our President is a listening President and we want to promise, God help us, to deliver 5 million votes and this vehicle will be crucial in pushing the party to work so that things move well.”

Clr Conlet Mawere of Vungu Rural District Council said he is short of words.

“I want to thank the President for giving me something to use, to do the work people sent me to do as a councillor. 

“It’s hard for me to thank the President enough. As you know that when someone is over excited and if you have diseases like High Blood pressure or diabetes, they might get bad.

“I am at a loss for words, but I want to promise, I am going to work hard because now I can go to areas which are mountainous. I promise the people of my ward that right now our work is now easy,” said Clr Mawere.

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