Mliswa, Gono on Politburo agenda

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Mliswa, Gono on Politburo agenda Dr gono

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Temba Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

Tendai Mugabe and Farirai Machivenyika— 
Zanu-PF’s Politburo meets today to discuss several issues, among them the spy-gate saga which triggered the altercation between Mashonaland West provincial chairman Cde Temba Mliswa and provincial executive committee member Cde Beauty Zhuwawo on Monday. Cde Mliswa — who is also the Hurungwe West legislator — stands accused of working with and receiving money from a CIA operative attached to the US Embassy in Harare.

His province is understood to be consulting to approach the Politburo to seek guidance on his continued leadership.
The Politburo is also expected to be seized with discussions on the fate of former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono whose bid to become a Senator for Manicaland was scuppered recently after it emerged that he was not a registered voter in the province as required by the law.

ZEC chairperson Justice Rita Makarau said even if Dr Gono tried to transfer his registration to Manicaland, there was no legal framework for anyone to do so at the moment.
Zanu-PF national spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo yesterday said though he was not privy to the agenda drafted by secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa, Cde Mliswa and Dr Gono’s issues were likely to be discussed as they were in the public domain.

“Yes, we are going to have a Politburo meeting tomorrow (today),” said Cde Gumbo. “I have not seen the agenda of the meeting, but it is possible that those issues (Dr Gono and Cde Mliswa) will come out because they are in the public domain.”

Cde Gumbo said they were reading about Cde Mliswa’s altercation with Cde Zhuwawo in the media and there was no formal communication that was made to the party.
Fresh details show that the fateful provincial executive committee meeting that was aborted when Cde Mliswa verbally abused Cde Beauty Zhuwawo who in turn slapped him for the insults, had been convened by Cde Mliswa to discuss preparations for the First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe’s rally at Chinhoyi Stadium tomorrow according to fresh details emanating from a source close to developments.

Unbeknown to Cde Mliswa, however, members of the provincial executive planned to pass a vote of no confidence in his leadership.
“Mliswa had not been aware of this move but is aware of the growing disgruntlement with his leadership of the province,’’ said a source who attended the meeting, but who spoke on condition of anotnymity, as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

“Cde Temba Mliswa was literally slapped in the face by provincial executive member Cde Beauty Zhuwawo after a verbal exchange almost degenerated into a physical scuffle. Cde Zhuwawo is wife to President Mugabe’s nephew Cde Patrick Zhuwawo.

“The meeting, which had been convened by Mliswa himself to discuss the First Lady Amai Dr Grace Mugabe’s debut political rally, which will be held at Chinhoyi Stadium on Thursday, 2 October, became chaotic soon after Cde Mliswa revealed that not a single donation in cash had been made by any member of parliament in the province towards Dr Mugabe’s debut rally. In reaction to this comment, provincial youth league chairman Cde Vengai Musengi questioned how Mliswa himself as an MP would fail to make a donation even after receiving money from the Americans,” the source said.

It was after Cde Musengi’s remarks that Cde Zhuwawo moved a motion to have Cde Mliswa’s chairmanship revoked until his name was cleared of links with the CIA.
“The motion was supported by the majority of the members in attendance, but vehemently opposed by Mliswa, Kindness Paradza and a few other members. Cde Zhuwawo charged that as long as Mliswa’s name remained mired in spy allegations, he had no basis to chair any meeting in the province,” he said.

It was after the remarks that a war of words between Cde Mliswa and Zhuwawo ensured.
“Mliswa alleged that he would not be humiliated by a woman whose husband had no political history in the party and had been elevated solely because of his relationship with the President. Mliswa charged that Cde Patrick Zhuwawo held a bogus degree which was worthless and this angered Mai Zhuwawo. However, it was when Mliswa described Mai Zhwawo as “a disgrace to the First Family” that she stood up, picked a bottle of mineral water which she apparently wanted to throw at Mliswa but suddenly put it down and walked over to where Mliswa was standing before daring him to repeat his words. Before Mliswa could say anything Mai Zhuwawo landed a slap on Mliswa’s face, a move which no one had been expecting. Mai Zhuwawo was led back to her seat amid the disbelief and chaos,” the source added.

He added that a visibly angry Cde Mliswa said the meeting could not go on as long as Cde Zhuwawo was in attendance.
“Mai Zhuwawo scoffed at this but was led outside by members of the police and president’s office, who feared the situation would deteriorate further if she stayed in the meeting. Soon after Mai Zhuwawo left a truckload of 12 drunk and rowdy youths, known to be Mliswa’s supporters arrived at the meeting venue but were not allowed entry into the meeting,” he said.
The source added that after Cde Zhuwawo had left Deputy Home Affairs Minister Mr Ziyambi Ziyambi, who is also Zanu-PF’s provincial chairman supported her motion that Cde Mliswa needed to clear his name first before he could chair any meeting.

“Mliswa then turned his anger to the Deputy Minister, also alleging that he had no traceable history in the party and also held a bogus degree. Ziyambi shot back, charging that if Mliswa was not happy with his appointment as Deputy Minister, then it showed that he was not happy with the person who had made the appointment.

“In an attempt to quell the rising tempers, Provincial Administrator Cde Christopher Shumba, tried to calm the situation by asking Cde Mliswa to desist from making personal attacks on people whose opinions differed from his own. Mliswa now drenched in sweat, rudely told the PA to leave the room since he was in breach of the constitution by holding posts both as a civil servant and party official.

“Mliswa then left with Kindness Paradza, apparently to make a report to the police about the assault by Mai Zhuwawo, who is also said to have made a report of her own against Mliswa,” he said.

Various committees that were set UP to organise Zanu-PF’s December National People’s Congress would also make their first report back to the Politburo today.

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