Mixed bag weekend at Bar Rouge

Mixed bag weekend  at Bar Rouge Kireni Zulu
Kireni Zulu

Kireni Zulu

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Marabi music master Kireni Zulu will tomorrow take his hilarious act to Bar Rouge at Longcheng Plaza.

The musician is known for his memorable performances that are spiced with jokes and jibes that have created a unique fan base. The musician has been reaching out to his followers from many parts of the country since he launched his album “Prophet Kitiwell” and tomorrow he brings the release to his upmarket fans.

With support from energetic Marabi Queens, Kireni has been on a national tour and he is expected to make a mark when he returns to the capital. Bar Rouge has been hosting musicians from various genres and tomorrow patrons should look forward to a combination of music and comedy.

Kireni comes to Bar Rouge a day after old skool classics that come to the venue tonight courtesy of Soul Train that will unleash a selection of classic jazz, blues and soul.

Soul Train

Soul Train

Soul Train made a mark at their maiden performance at Bar Rouge recently, which left many fans asking for more. The group is known for its perfect renditions of great hits from yesteryear international stars.

Bar Rouge manager Spencer Sahumani said it will be a weekend of mixed bag of selections as Soul Train serenades their patrons before Kireni comes with his comic act.

“It will be a weekend of merrymaking and fun as the musicians come to our place with their different styles. Soul Train proved their prowess with their debut performance and people have requested for their return. We are bringing them on Friday (tonight) to have more selections of old skool classics,” said Sahumani.

“We are looking forward to another exciting night with Kireni who is popular for his comic acts and has a following of mature listeners. We have been following his shows and we know his strength. He has followers that love having fun and jokes.”

Kireni said he is excited to come to Bar Rouge for tomorrow’s event.

“We have followers that love such upmarket places and we hold shows at such venues to meet them. Our upmarket shows are exciting because we also give fans chances to select songs that they like. We have a segment when people select songs and we perform. That is the beauty of our shows and we will do our best to keep our fans excited,” said Kireni.

“We are working on new projects and I will tell people what to look forward to. They will get all the information about our plans and new products at the show. This is a special show for us.”

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