Mind consequences of misbehaving

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Mind consequences of misbehaving Ropafadzo Karen Banda

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Ropafadzo Karen Banda Youth Interactive Writer


“Cultural legacies are powerful forces. They have deep roots and long lives. They persist, generation after generation, virtually intact, even as the economic and social demographic conditions that spawned them have varnished, and they play such a role in directing attitudes and behaviour that we cannot make sense of our world with them, “ said Malcom Gladwell.


 We live in a world where people are being natured in different ways, some they do follow and implement what they have been taught, some they change as they grow but the most important thing is how they behave towards their living and around people including the outcome towards your lives. 


This article will be tackling about human behaviour, showing some side effects towards the negative side of not behaving well including its consequences. 


The only way to get help is to know the truth, to face it, to stop the bad and start doing the right thing because without doing it the existence will be terrifying.


Well, do you know that the state of the condition you are in right now in your life has actually been caused by the existence of the behaviours that you have allowed to become part of your “habits” that are now manifesting in you now present.


It’s very important in life to think before we act, to digest first before we consider our happiness in the first place.


Most people when they behave, they just do it for the sake of pleasing their lifetime moments forgetting the outcome that comes after that.


Some of you have lost opportunities all because of a silly behaviour that you have made to lose that opportunity, they are people out there that are still thinking why am I not or no longer being called to this office?


It’s very important to study our behaviours before blaming others, because most people carry pride within themselves.


They don’t admit if they have done something wrong in whatever they will be attaining in their lives but one thing we can assure you of is the outcome results are never to lie.


One of the most important aspects in our lives is to study our behaviours on how we handle ourselves, situations, friendships, relationships, marriages, churches, organizations and schools among others.


As long as you do not change or recognize your behaviours you won’t progress because it’s the behaviour that will be keeping you back and you end up losing people towards that, until you learn and act better that’s when change comes in after you examine your life. 


One may ask “why do negative people still appear in my life?”


There are three types of behaviours:


Molecular or Moral Behaviour.


It is unexpected behaviour that occurs without thinking.


Overt and Covert Behaviour


This is a visible type of behaviour that can occur outside of the human beings


Voluntary and Involuntary Behaviour 


This is whereby is it characterised by walking, speaking and writing as voluntary behaviours and involuntary behaviour is a type that occur naturally and without thinking.


A happy life can never be without an existence of sadness, so don’t blame yourself for the wrong behaviours that you had or you have because in all that, you can also change its part of your life, no one is perfect we all can all learn from our mistakes but we do not recognize that our lives won’t change. 


You know where you’re doing things wrong, if you don’t then ask from the people that you trust and start working on what they have unveiled to you towards that behaviour.


It is very skeptical nowadays how such behaviours are now being practiced publicly and yet if you’re to ask the reason behind it will be only to satisfy their human need at that particular time yet the outcome won’t be pleasing. 


We are urging all my brothers and sisters out there, to think before they act, to remember the outcome exist after committing such practicing that they are doing could it be smoking, drinking, decision making, sleeping round forgetting the contraction of diseases, having unwanted pregnancies these are the things to remember that “if I am do this, what are the consequences and tomorrow wont it affect my future or traumatize my whole life”?


In whatever you attain in life, always remember your exit and if the answer will be giving you a negative impact please don’t attempt because it’s always important to have a disciplined life that will save yourself, your health, your future, the society and the generations to come.

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