Midlands raises  $500k for Cyclone Idai Minister Mavima

Courtney Matende Midlands Reporter
PEOPLE in the Midlands Province have so far raised over half a million dollars worth of donations in cash and kind for victims of Cyclone Idai which ravaged parts of Manicaland and Masvingo leaving hundreds of people dead, some missing and thousands displaced.

Addressing members of the corporate world, schoolchildren and Government officials while giving an update of progress made by the province in raising cash or kind to assist the people affected by Cyclone Idai at the Government Complex in Gweru on Friday, Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs Larry Mavima said they had received $448 000 in cash and $240 000 in kind.

Minister Mavima said he was happy to note they were still waiting for more pledges from the corporate world, individuals, school children and churches who had heeding the call to donate towards the worthy cause.

“I am happy to announce that right now we have received $448 000 cash and $240 000 in kind from the people in this province towards assisting Cyclone Idai victims in Manicaland and some parts of Masvingo.

This is a welcome development, this shows the spirit of Ubuntu and we must commend such efforts. We are still receiving more donations and hopefully we are going to donate more than what we have now,” he said.

Minister Mavima said the donations were now on their way to the affected areas.

“The Zimbabwe National Water Authority has dispatched 3×10 000 litre Jojo water tanks for the people to have safe water to drink among other donations we continue to receive,” said the Minister.

He said he was humbled by the loving aand caring nature of school children in the province who include those from Fletcher High School who contributed RTGS$97 and some of their personal belongings.

“I’m very humbled by the gesture that has been demonstrated by the school children from Fletcher High School. It is amazing that such young children understand that in this life we are here to take care of each other we should help each other in the community.

“They have donated $97 in addition to their own personal belongings,” said Minister Mavima.

He said there are a few people who were left homeless in the Midlands Province adding that they were also going to assist them in this time of need.

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