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Mesi ropes in sons in forthcoming album

10 Sep, 2019 - 00:09 0 Views
Mesi ropes in sons in forthcoming album Paradzai Mesi

The Herald

Nyore Madzianike Senior Arts Reporter
SUNGURA musician Paradzai Mesi has reflected on the life he has been living over the past couple of years on his new album, “Chenjera Kukangira Pakatsvira Dzimwe”, set to be launched in the capital on September 19.

The artiste has been going through rehabilitation for abuse of illicit alcoholic beverages, which accounted for his deteriorating health.

Speaking through his manager, Andy Alfred Jusa, the Njerama Boys leader, said he will be launching his 11th album at East Point in Harare where a number of other artistes are expected to grace the event.

“We have completed the six-track album that will be launched on September 19 with other musicians like Sulu, Zhakata, Mark Ngwazi, Progress Chipfumo and Somandla Ndebele having already confirmed their availability at the launch,” he said.

Jusa revealed that Mesi has added his two sons —Willis (17) and Webster (15) — to the seven-member band, and has featured them on his latest offering.

“What is interesting is that Mesi has roped in his two sons, who featured on the new album with Willis, having done backing vocals on the song “Asiyatu and Zambuko”.

“Webster plays the sub-rhythm on all songs.

“Their inclusion on the album marks Mesi’s vision of grooming his sons into music.

“It has been his dream to have his sons venture into music, and it is good that it is materialising,” he said.

Jusa said apart from chronicling his life experiences on the album, Mesi has also tackled social ills that have been bedevilling society.

“He talks on the effects of divorce in one of the songs titled “Rega Ndisanoenda”.

“Mesi also spoke of prostitution on the track “Asiyatu”, which he did in Nyanja, and also encouraged people to work hard for the betterment of their lives on the song “Zuva Rabuda”.

“Chenjera Kukangira Pakatsvira Dzimwe” is rich in messages as has been the case with Mesi’s previous projects.

“All the songs carry messages that are meant to change people’s lives,” he said.

Produced at Diamond Studios and mastered by Bothwell Nyamhondera at his Bon Yam Studios, the six track album comes after his last studio project, “Harisi Dambe” released in 2014.

Other songs found on the album are “Swera Kuenda”, which carries the title, “Zambuko”, “Upenyu Ibhora” and “Zuva Rabuda”.

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