Man steals $3 500 from girlfriend

Man steals $3 500 from girlfriend

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau
A Gweru man has been arrested for allegedly stealing $3 500 from a local businesswoman who had brought him into her house as her live-in boyfriend. Collene Masawu (36), live-in boyfriend cum-driver to Ms Rudo Mnindwa, allegedly dropped her at home and drove off with the car which had $3 500 in the dash-board.He allegedly used the money to buy a car. Masawu was yesterday arraigned before Gweru magistrate Ms Judith Taruvinga facing a theft charge. He was remanded to Monday next week on $50 bail. For the State, Mr Ernest Mzembi told the court that sometime in June this year, Masawu was staying with Ms Mnindwa in Mkoba 2 as her live-in boyfriend. He used to drive Ms Mnindwa to her hardware shop in Mkoba Village 12, before picking her up after knocking off.

The court heard that on the day in question, Ms Mnindwa received cash amounting to $3 500 from a client and put the money in the dashboard of her car. She was dropped home by Masawu, but forgot to take the money out of the car. Masawu left home with the car and Ms Mnindwa later called him to inform him that she had forgotten the money. The court heard that Masawu told Ms Mnindwa that there was no cash in the car and instead of coming back home immediately, he brought the car in the dead of the night before he went into hiding. The following day, Masawu allegedly bought a vehicle at a car sale in the city. Mnindwa reported the matter to the police.

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