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‘Makomo @8 Celebrations’ gala beckons

25 Sep, 2018 - 00:09 0 Views
‘Makomo @8 Celebrations’ gala beckons Alick Macheso

The Herald

Arts Reporter
Entertainment-starved music fans in Hwange are in for a treat when several performers unite for the annual Makomo celebrations.

Alick Macheso, Sulumani Chimbetu, Winky D, Peter Moyo, Sandra Ndebele, Mathias Mhere, Boom Clan, Kwenyani and Yung Masters are expected to perform at Hwange Stadium next month.

Dubbed “Makomo @8 Celebrations”, the gig is expected to bring the town of Hwange to life.

Eusabia Raire of Eumo promotions said they have managed to get musicians from various genres to perform for their fans.

“Musicians rarely come to perform here because it is a remote area, so we have managed to get musicians from different genres so that all people can enjoy the show. I am happy that this gig will be interesting as performers from Hwange will spice up the event,” she said.

She is optimistic that artistes from the area will have the time to link and establish relations with big names.

“We engage musicians from this area because we want them to establish some links with these big names so that they get guidance, collaborations and also tips that might be helpful to them,” added Raire.

All eyes will be on Macheso as the musician is currently on top of his game with his album “Dzinosvitsa Kure”.

Since the release of the new product the musician has not performed in Hwange.

His publicist Tich Makamadze said they will do their best to entertain their fans in Hwange.

“We have not performed in Hwange since the launch of this album and I am happy that we will be performing there. It will be also a great opportunity to share stage with some of these big artistes,” he said.

Chimbetu, Winky D and Moyo are some of the artistes that are likely to leave lasting impressions at the event.

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