Macheso readies new album

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Macheso readies new album Alick Macheso

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Nyore Madzianike Senior Arts Reporter
SUNGURA maestro Alick Macheso and the Orchestra Mberikwazvo are working on a new album and lucky fans were treated to the new taste of music at a show held in Warren Park at the weekend.

On Friday, the Chitungwiza-based outfit played new songs at Warren Park Bar in Harare, a clear indication that something was brewing.

Speaking on the sidelines of the show, Orchestra Mberikwazvo spokesperson Tichaona Makahamadze said they were already preparing for their next project.

“It our culture that we a thorough job before releasing an album. That was one of the marathon works in preparation of our next project,” he said.

“Alick (Macheso) has a tendency of testing the waters for him to identify areas that need improvements. He also seeks to check on responses he gets from the fans. Once he is satisfied, he will then perfect the song.

“I am sure you will hear more of the new music in future. Some of the songs would have been dropped when he went into studio, so he at times plays them during the shows,” said Makahamadze.

Makahamadze said the project will be ready early next year.

“We are planning to release the new album sometime early next year. However, Alick has the final say on the actual dates,” he said.

Warren Park Bar was full to capacity as Macheso, who is expected to perform in the United Kingdom on Saturday, giving splendid show.

Son of the late musician, Tedius Matsito, also joined Macheso on stage and belted songs from his father’s discography.

Jit musician Baba Harare made a surprise appearance on stage and played his hit “Hat Dzemurara” much to the delight of the revellers.

Utakataka Express boss Peter Moyo also took to the stage and performed one of his late father’s songs.

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