Kumbirayi  Shoniwa Entertainment Reporter
After successfully publishing his third Shona novel late last year, author and publisher Ignatius Mabasa looks forward to a bright year in his career. Mabasa, who launched his publishing house called Bhabhu Books with an aim of assisting Shona writers, was upbeat about the good response to his new novel “Imbwa Yemunhu”.

“In terms of sales my new novel is doing well despite the time of the year we are in. People usually commit their financial resources to needs like school fees this time of the year,” he said.

The author revealed that several tertiary institutions around the country had approached him with a view of making his latest novel a set book in their academic syllabi.

This year, Bhabhu Publishers is set to publish a number of new works from local writers including at least two novels and Memory Chirere’s much anticipated poetry book titled “Bhuku Risina Basa” before June.

Mabasa also said he looks forward to publishing a collection of local gospel poetry which is still being finalised by editors.

The writer pointed out that some upcoming authors were being sidelined by established publishing houses which preferred to work with established writers at the expense of fresh talent.

“At Bhabhu we will continue to promote raw talent because the reality is that literature cannot be divorced from national development and we support the initiative of having more local content in all spheres of the arts.

“If we do not tell our own stories then others will tell us our stories from their own perspective, and that is regrettable. We should educate local people to consume our local products so that they understand their heritage and origins.”


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