Looters stash goods in mortuary

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Looters stash goods in mortuary MDC-Alliance, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions and their civic society allies embarked on an orgy of violence that saw various buildings damaged, businesses looted and motor vehicles torched

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Some looters who took part in last week’s opposition-instigated violent protests stashed groceries worth over $3 000 in a funeral parlour in Luveve and were busted by the police after they threw a three-day marathon party in the morgue, alarming residents.

Alert residents noticed the strange events and tipped off the police.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that following a tip-off from members of the public, our officers raided Zulu Khayalami Funeral Parlour in Luveve suburb where suspected looted goods worth more than $3 000 were recovered. We are still conducting further investigations,” said Insp Ncube.

Police arrested Thandekile Mzizi (28), Sisasenkosi Zulu (35) and Methuseli Moyo (30) in connection with the case.

The loot included assorted liquor, foodstuffs and other groceries.

Residents yesterday said following the looting spree on Monday and Tuesday last week, there was a lot of partying at the mortuary.

“It was very strange, they were playing music and binging on beer in a mortuary. We do not know what happened but the next thing they were arrested. People have surely lost respect for the dead,” said a resident who declined to be named.

Another resident said commuter omnibus crews were being offered free beer at the mortuary, and word soon spread that the liquor could have come from looting.

In a telephone interview, Mr Mbusiso Zulu, the owner of the mortuary, said he was not aware of the matter.

He however, confirmed that his sister (Sisasenkosi) was part of the arrested trio.

“I know nothing about what you are talking about as nobody has told me anything about what transpired at my mortuary. However, my sister was arrested and police denied me access to her.

“I even went to Khami Prison and on two attempts I was denied my right to see my sister. I want to hear her out and find out what it is that she was lacking that made her find herself in that situation,” said Mr Zulu.

During the interview, Mr Zulu threatened The Chronicle reporters with unspecified action if they continued to pursue the story.

“If you want things to go well for you, just drop that story as you just want to tarnish my parlour’s business. If you want us to get on well, leave my business alone or you will see,” said Mr Zulu before hanging up.

Meanwhile, police have said that they will not have mercy on any violent protesters and looters following reports that people who voluntarily surrendered their loot at police stations would be spared from prosecution.

Insp Ncube said while all looters would be arrested, those that handed themselves over to police stations were likely to get better treatment as admission of guilt could be used during mitigation in court.

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