Local poet applauds President Mugabe


Tawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
Local poet Godfrey Kudakwashe has released a poem titled “The President of Zimbabwe” as a tribute to President Mugabe for his tremendous work.

Kudakwashe says he was inspired to write the poem by the great work the revolutionary leader President Mugabe has done for the nation, which deserves to be recognised.

“Our President deserves honour so that it may be recorded in the history of Zimbabwe,” Kudakwashe said.

“The man continues to inspire the world regardless of his age, he still has a sharp memory and can still walk without any aide,” he added.

The eight stanza poem, interlaced with various pictures that relate to the nation of Zimbabwe, narrates what the President has achieved as a leader with love for his country and the futuristic eye he has employed on the politics of our nation.

“How visionary is this learned leader and gallant son of the soil whose leadership made Zimbabwe achieve its essential goal of independence and continuing black majority power despite great colonial challenges,” reads part of the poem.

He said President Mugabe stands for the good and improvements of all African people. He urged people to respect him and emulate his work.

Kudakwashe said his wish was to see his poems read throughout Zimbabwe so that many people could be educated on the work the President has done for the country.

Poetry is one expressive way to pour out someone’s heart and has been used over centuries as an art.

It has continued to influence indigenous communities and in Zimbabwe popular artists like Albert Nyathi, Ignatius Mabasa and Chirikure Chirikure have made their names in the arts industry through poetry.

As the February 21 Movement celebrations to commemorate the President’s birthday draw closer, many artistes have come up with several art forms to express their appreciation for the work President Mugabe has done for the country and beyond.

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