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Local designer invades regional market

30 Nov, 2019 - 00:11 0 Views
Local designer invades regional market Glitz and Glam . . . Permican Awards 2019 hosts (from left to right) Miss Becky, Tich Mataz and MisRed on stage

The Herald

Nyore Madzianike
FASHION designer Desmond Zhakata, who is behind trending attires being donned by most local artistes, has widened his market into the region, with progress having made in Southern African countries.

Zhakata, of Dee Suits, has since partnered with other designers in Botswana and South Africa to make tailor-made clothes for artistes and steps are being made into other countries.

He said his designer attires have since attracted the attention of many musicians, locally and regionally, which resulted in an upsurge in demand for his products.

“I work with a team which specialises in formal suits for men and women. What is exciting on our products is that they are tailor-made to suit the taste of our clients.

“Our major role is to upgrade and bring elegance to the wardrobe and at the same time making an artiste outstanding all the time,” he said.

Zhakata imports most of his textile as he thrives to give quality clothes.
“Our mission statement is ‘quality all the time’ and this is why we import our fabrics.

“We also believe in convenience and that is why we always push to finish orders within the shortest time and at most our target is three days. We do attires for artistes who would be preparing for videos and other stage presentations and once they engage us, all will be done within the shortest period of time.”

Zhakata said he will be soon travelling to other countries to meet some international designers and learn global fashion trends.
He revealed that they will also be introducing an exclusive designs studio.

“We will be introducing an exclusive design studio next month. This is a concept where a design will be solely exclusive to one person meaning no one will have it unless given rights by the owner.

“Our designs are not limited to artistes. We also dress people for weddings, parties, exhibitions and various others events.
“We work with a number of celebrities and so far we have dressed Vimbai Guyo, Andy Muridzo and Stunner among others,” he added.

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