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1607: The rally has come to an end here in Kadoma and we conclude our updates. Thank you for joining us.

1604: Muzvezve MP Cde Haritatos and Aspiring Sanyati MP Cde Polite Kamhambura donated a bull each, while Kadoma MP Cde Fani Phiri, aspiring Mhondoro-Ngezi MP Mukuhlani, two business people Cdes Nyamarebvu amd Zvidzai donated four heifers. His Excellency was also given 10 sheep.

1558: Senate President Cde Edna Madzongwe now giving closing remarks says Kadoma is blessed to be with the President.

1554: The President has finished his address.

1553: “Victory is certain, Zimbabwe is ours and is in good hands-Zanu-PF,”

1553: “We have nothing to hide, we are transparent and we have opened space. Observers have come and should they visit you please welcome them warmly, they should understand that Zimbabweans are mature and they know what they want,”

1552: “ZEC is an independent organisation whose members are chosen by Parliament, Government has no say in any decision made by ZEC as they only deal with Parliament,”

1547: “CSC was on its knees, but investors have since injected funds with Chinhoyi and Bulawayo plants among others now being revived. Batoka Gorge electricity project along the Zambezi river is on course. It will generate about 2 400 Megawatts but there will be shared equally with our partner Zambia,”

1539: “The World Bank also said a few days back that our economy is going to grow by 2,8 percent. We are empowering households through Command Livestock. By the end of our term, every province will have a fruit processing plant,”

1538: “Mining sector used to produce 10 tonnes to 26 tonnes per year, this year alone we had 17 tonnes by mid-year so we can surpass 30 tonnes by year-end. We are opening new mines so far Mashava, Eureka and here Cam and Motor mine, which now has over 850 employees, were opened.”

1533: “Cotton production is on the rise due to the inputs being availed by Government, we even increased the buying price. In the past, our FDI was less than half a billion, but now we have $16 billion in a few months,”

1532: “Our land reform it’s irreversible, it’s a closed chapter the land is ours, our burden now is to make sure that we benefit from the land reform exercise,”

1527: “Our Zanu-PF has democracy in the party, democracy that gives powers to the masses. During primaries a lot of shenanigans happened, but those who lost do not lose heart there is next time, we hope to do better. You cannot say the party is good because you won at the primaries or that the party is bad because you lost. We know what happened we hope we can do even better next time,”

1525: “Leaders should be the people’s servants, not vice versa and that includes me,”

1521: “Last November was a miracle, some people thought Zanu-PF would fit into their pockets yet Zanu-PF belongs to the masses. G40 takarasa, takadzinga kana pane vamwe pakati penyu vane mweya iwowo ngautame. They might speak behind closed doors, but outside it’s Zanu-PF messages only,”

1517: “Now we are preaching unity, no to hatred, we should work towards a prosperous Zimbabwe, for that to happen people should be empowered. Inputs under Command Agriculture and Presidential Inputs scheme are being distributed now so that come rainy season farmers will be well prepared. Mashonaland West is one of the country’s breadbasket and as Government, we will continue to support you,”

1518: “We are now at the brink of a new Zimbabwe, a progressive and prosperous Zimbabwe and that Zimbabwe inobva kuZanu-PF and that Zanu PF is you,”

1515: “Blessed are those who will remain part of the ruling Zanu-PF. Mumusha hamushaikwe mhengera mumba asi musangano wevanhu iZanu-PF,”

1514: The President starts off by applauding the people for coming in numbers saying he came to Kadoma after being invited by Zimplats to commission the recently refurbished Kadoma General Hospital.

1506: Cde Mutsvangwa has now invited President Mnangagwa to address the gathering. As is the norm his signature tune “Kutonga Kwaro” by Jah Prayzah is played much to the delight of the capacity crowd.

1500: Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa is now giving the President’s background. Cde Mutsvangwa says His Excellency was a special advisor during the liberation struggle and a legal advisor at the Lancaster House conference.

1459: Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi is on the podium and has called the party’s candidates in the forthcoming elections to come and meet the President.

1444: His Excellency has arrived and is in a briefing.

1440: We are at Rimuka Stadium in Kadoma where President Mnangagwa is expected to address a bumper crowd of Zanu-PF supporters who have thronged the stadium.

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