Let’s unite against Covid-19: Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

The godfather of Sungura music Nicholas Zakaria has rallied musicians and all Zimbabweans to unite in the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19).

Zakaria, who is working on his 28th album expected to be released later this year, said artistes should make good use of digital platforms to share their views, work and music during the 21-day lockdown.

The award winning musician’s call comes after Government decreed a 21-day national lockdown as a precautionary measure against Covid-19.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Zakaria said Covid-19 knows no race, religious orientation, social class or political affiliation hence the need for all citizens to unite in combating the global pandemic.

“Coronavirus is real and it has killed thousands. Given its devastating effects to date and the fact that the world remains at risk, I call upon all Zimbabweans to unite. Let us adhere to set rules and regulations so that we limit its effects and spread,” he said.

“Use the digital platforms to communicate with your fans as this is also the right time to engage them as most times we will be busy with studio work, rehearsals and other projects.”

Madzibaba, as he is affectionately known, said it was important that citizens comply for common good.

“We must do our best to comply with the Government, I urge artistes to take heed. This is not a time to demonstrate our differences and divisions.

“Coronavirus kills and at we must all assume everyone has it by adhering to the given social distancing measures,” he said.

Zakaria, who is one of the first artistes to adhere to the initial social distancing measure  by cancelling his shows said the measures put in place were necessary.

“We rely on live shows for survival but there comes a time when income should not outweigh the importance of life,” he said.

The left-handed lead guitarist said economies can be fixed, but lives lost cannot be recovered. He said he had stopped live performances and encouragedl citizens to comply.

He said members of the public should practice hygiene and consistently wash their hands.

“We call on all citizens to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and avoid littering.

“Consistent washing of hands should be a new normal and we must instil the same values in our children. When all this is over we will revert to our normal lives and hopefully celebrate that ideal through music,” he said.

Zakarias career has taken a positive turn after he engaged a local public relations and management company.

He ended 2019 on a high after walking away with the Best Sungura album award for his album “Inzwa Unzwe”.

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