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Ladies cause a stir at ‘Chabvondoka’

13 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
Ladies cause a stir at ‘Chabvondoka’ Ivy Kombo

The Herald

Arts Reporter
It was a night of breathtaking performances at the “Chabvondoka PaUK Lockdown Concert” where various artistes took to the stage in the gig, which was livestreamed on various channels on Saturday night.

Singers based in the UK came together to exhibit various skills and many people that watched the show concurred it was one of the best.

Gospel singer Ivy Kombo-Kasi was outstanding with her selection of songs that took people down memory lane to the exciting days of “Nguva Yakwana” concert.

Her song “Handidzokere Shure” received most likes and comments as she did it with passion that seemed to pierce most Christian fans’ hearts.

Clad in an exquisite red dress with her team also immaculately dressed for the occasion, Ivy easily became the best performer of the night.

In an interview with Olinda Chapel, who was hostess of the show, Ivy revealed she made the beautiful dress she wore and also bragged about her academic achievements.

It seems ladies were on top of their game as Edith WeUtonga also gave a spirited performance, expertly strumming her bass guitar.

With her signature colourful attire, WeUtonga had amazing stage presence as she belted out songs “Sevenza” and “Mukaranga”.

She seemed to be in a perfect mood and it was evident she had thoroughly prepared for the show.

Coming with a different flair that spiced up the event was Farai Muvuti, who sang mellow tunes. He did his first song while seated and the emphasis was on the deep lyrics. Muvuti then rose to do “Sharp Shooter” that was popular with viewers.

As one of the organisers of the event, Muvuti thanked the sponsors of the event and promised to continue bringing shows of such magnitude online.

His partner in the organisation of the event, Aaron Manatsa, also performed on the night and reminded people of the late Sam Mtukudzi when he did a rendition of the late singer’s “Ishe”. He then did his own composition and proved why he is from the Manatsa clan of talented singers.

Kazz Kalif brought his own style on stage and went down to some good dances that mesmerized viewers. But his dances could not match DJ Young Chidzy’s exceptional moves, which lit up the stage at the early stages of the concert. He showed that he is a good DJ and talented dancer too.

The DJ opened the concert with massive selection of music. He announced his entrance with teasers of Seh Calaz’s “Mumota Murikubvira” and “Love Yemusoja” by Sniper Storm before unleashing his spectacular selection.

Diva Sharon Rose caught the attention of many viewers with her jazzy feel that she brought as she strummed an acoustic guitar with ease. The dreadlocked singer has great potential and could join the list of talented young Afro-fusion stars.

It was a show to remember and many should be waiting for the next installation of Chabvondoka.

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