Khaya Moyo blasts West over Saharawi Cde Khaya Moyo

Saharawi Republic ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Sale Mohammed Cheij paid a courtesy call on him at the Zanu-PF headquarters today. He said it was now up to African countries to take a stand against Morocco which annexed a part of Saharawi in 1975.

“We are disturbed that the international community has not taken action against Morocco despite several resolutions that have been passed by the United Nations over the issue,” he said. “But they were swift to take action in countries where it was not necessary like in Libya and Iraq where they still have problems.

It is disturbing that Western countries would just go and eliminate a leader of a country for no cause yet Morocco invaded Saharawi. We are
concerned by such double standards.”

Ambassador Cheij said the Polisario Front was grateful for the support it was getting from Zanu-PF. He said it was regrettable that it was now almost forty years since Morocco invaded Saharawi.

“We want to thank the consistent position of your party and your leader President Mugabe. During the past 40 years we are fighting for
liberation but up to now the situation is still complicated because of Morocco.

“It is shameful that after 20 years of United Nations peace keeping mission on the ground, no progress has been made to have the referendum for self determination. We want peaceful solution to the problems there.

We showed that our people are peaceful. We hate war but Morocco with support of some Western countries doesn’t have political goodwill to end this,” said Ambassador Cheij.

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