Ke Nako auditions on tomorrow


Tawanda Matanhire Arts reporter
Multi-platform media house Ke Nako Media will hold auditions for the company`s new television station in Borrowdale tomorrow. Ke Nako, which is owned by businessman Peter Gwaze recently opened doors for many local music artistes offering them recording deals for free has expanded its territory by introducing a new television station KTV which will be available soon.

Ke Nako Media house was recently granted a television license by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.

Gwaze said entertainment is a business which needs to be taken seriously if the local people are to improve the current state of affairs in showbiz.

“We need to take entertainment as a business and so this requires seriousness if we are to improve it in our country,” Gwaze said.

Ke Nako TV is meant to operate as a standalone fully fledged TV channel and an IPTV platform that is accessible through the internet.

“The need for more content on the Zimbabwean television market has prompted Ke Nako to come up with strategies to improve the local media by offering them an optional television station with a different outlook as compared to the presently available local ones,” said Gwaze.

With many of its subsidiaries Ke Nako media house is doing a lot to improve the locals by offering platforms in which Zimbabweans can showcase their talents.

The media house owns Parade which is an online magazine, Ke Nako Muzik which is a music and sound recording studio, Cumpus Culture magazine that seeks to highlight and empower the life of university student and Business Week which was Ke Nako Media’s first publication in 2011.

The Empire promises a lot to improve the media industry in Zimbabwe as well as improve the country`s arts industry

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