Kangai opens up to tech students Mr Kangai
Mr Kangai

Mr Kangai

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NetOne chief executive Mr Reward Kangai challenged young technology students who attended the inaugural Launch of Tech@school to come up with new solutions that will help solve various national problems.

Mr Kangai, who share his life story during the event, told the students that they were fortunate to have better facilities which exposes them to a lot of information

“I believe some of you probably know the area called Muzokomba, that is where I grew up and I think you will agree with me, even the oldest form of communication, which we had back then was not operational in that area.

“I developed a desire to find a solution that would hopefully see my community being connected to the rest of world. I started following up on technological trends, which exposed me to fibre technology,” he said.

Mr Kangai said what particularly drew his attention to the new technology was its power to revolutionise communication with ultra-super-fast speeds and high data volumes, which was theoretically impossible to comprehend.

“What actually got me to engineering was the fibre technology and how something as thin as human hair could carry so much data capacity at lightning speed. That got me so excited that I wanted to learn more,” said Mr Kangai

“For me finding out about fibre optic cables is what really inspired me to go into the telecommunications area and I looked for a university to study at and studied telecommunications before my engineering journey started.”

The NetOne CEO said technology had evolved and the challenge now was for young and upcoming software developers to come up with solutions to solve today`s problems if the technology sector is to improve.

“Right now we are in the mobile communications area and we are looking at supporting 13 Zimbabweans to come up with applications that will address local situations and improve the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans.”

Speaking during a live StarFm interview ahead of the Tech@School launch last week NetOne public relations officer, Mr John Nyashanu, said that NetOne as a Mobile Network Operator had played a significant role in Zimbabwe by connecting the nation to the next generation of communicators, the youths who are the future leaders.

“NetOne is currently rolling out latest technology, which is the 4th Generation or LTE and a significant improvement to the national broadband penetration as we target the next generation of communicators, which are the youths in this IP based dispensation hence our partnership with TechnoMag.”

NetOne was the only Platinum sponsor for the Tech@School event, which saw various students studying Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Journalism converging at Harare Institute of Technology for the career guidance and exhibition day on Friday last week.

Other Renowned industry speakers who inspired students were the Econet CEO Mr Douglas Mboweni, businessman Dr Shingi Munyeza and the US Embassy PR Officer Niccole Finnemann.

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