Kagonye stirs storm Petronella Kagonye

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
There was commotion yesterday at Goromonzi District rural offices after Labour and Social Welfare Minister Cde Petronella Kagonye was accused by fellow Zanu-PF aspiring candidates of tampering with their curricula vitae, as the battle for Goromonzi South constituency hots up ahead of primary elections slated for next month.

Several candidates and their followers protested before constituency coordinator Cde Reuben Nhamo, threatening to derail the process after they accused Cde Kagonye of opening CVs of fellow candidates for primary elections slated for May 5, 2018.

Some of the candidates whose CVs were said to have been opened include Cdes Sharon Mugabe and Frank Chitukutuku.

At least 21 candidates had shown interest in representing Zanu-PF in the constituency. A provincial member and fellow aspiring candidate Cde Regai Cheuka said he went to the offices to submit his receipt showing that he had paid up subscriptions, only to notice that Cde Kagonye was opening CVs for other candidates and making adverse comments on them.

“I had gone there for the purpose of submitting receipts showing that I was up to date with my subscription.

“I then noted that Cde Kagonye and her colleagues were opening CVs of fellow aspiring candidates, sifting through them and writing some adverse comments. I then protested saying she had no authority to do that since she was equally a contender, hence she had vested interests,” said Cde Cheuka.

“There was commotion as I protested and several members concurred with me that it was wrong for her to do that.

“She then threatened me saying she would cause my arrest.

“The threat did not go down well with me and I am in the process of raising a complaint with our provincial chairperson.”

Cde Mugabe concurred with Cde Cheuka, saying several people had raised concern with Cde Kagonye’s conduct which they said was not expected of her. Cde Nhamo declined to comment, saying he had submitted a record of events to the province.

Cde Kagonye laughed off the allegations, saying they were baseless.

“Those are allegations that are being made by people who are afraid of primary elections. Tell them that they should be quiet and we will meet in primaries. How can I interfere with CVs when our party has already directed that all CVs should be submitted to the National Elections Directorate? I am used to these kinds of allegations meant to tarnish my name,” said Cde Kagonye.

Zanu-PF provincial chairperson Cde Joel Biggie Matiza said he had not been briefed about the incident.

“I am heading to our provincial office and have not yet been briefed about that incident,” he said.


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