JUST IN: Let’s remain resolute — President

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JUST IN: Let’s remain resolute — President President Mnangagwa addresses the nation during the Heroes Day commemoration at State House in Harare this morning

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PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has called upon Zimbabweans to be resolute in the face of a renewed onslaught against the nation from perennial detractors and draw inspiration from the country’s heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate sacrifice to free the country from colonial bondage.

Zimbabwe today celebrated its 40th Heroes Day virtually, in conformity with the new normal that has been brought by the Covid-19 pandemic with President Mnangagwa urging the nation to take heart from the country’s rich history.

In his televised address at the State House, the President said success was inevitable regardless of attempts to derail the country which was birthed after a protracted liberation struggle.

“Today we are holding our commemorations against the background of renewed glaring, and unjustified attacks by our perennial detractors, both inside and outside our borders. Let us, however, not lose heart or be discouraged but look back to our rich history and draw lessons from our departed, who since the 1890s, united and showed resilience in their gallant fight against oppressive forces.

“As the heroes of yesteryear, today we have no alternative; we must as Zimbabweans close ranks by uniting, in peace, harmony and with resolute patriotism and self-love to chart a brighter future for ourselves and for the sake of our motherland,” he said.

Traditionally, Zimbabweans would converge at heroes’ burial shrines around the country with the main commemorations being held at the National Heroes Acre in Harare, but this year the practice was changed as the country is observing strict social distancing practices, wearing face masks and minimising travel in conformity with the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our position is clear; a firm foundation has been laid and continues to be strengthened for a thriving constitutional democracy, and a just, open, accountable and prosperous society. With unfaltering determination, and emboldened by the experiences of the unrelenting attacks on our country in the past two decades, we know that the future is bright. Our success is inevitable.

“The divisive falsehoods and concoctions by renegades and supremacists who want to pounce on our natural resources will never win the day. Truth shall triumph over lies, and good over evil,” he said.

Zimbabwe, that is groaning under the burden of illegal economic sanctions, is yet again the target of an unrestrained misinformation onslaught by the country’s detractors who are working with members of the opposition and G40 fugitives to besmirch the Second Republic.

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