JUST IN: Cops stop black player for driving posh car Rose, pictured with his Range Rover

Black Premier League star Danny Rose has revealed he is often stopped by police and asked if his car is stolen.

The Tottenham defender, 30, says the most recent incident was just last week while he was driving through his home town of Doncaster. England international Rose, who earns £60,000 per week in the English top flight and drives a £100,000 Range Rover, also told how he is unfairly treated due to the colour of his skin when sitting in the first-class carriage of a train.

In the The Player’s Chair podcast with host Richie Sadlier, Rose said: ‘I got stopped by the police last week, which is a regular occurrence whenever I go back to Doncaster where I’m from.

‘And, each time it’s “is this car stolen? Where did you get this car? What are you doing here? Can you prove that you bought this car?”

Rose, who went to Newcastle on loan from Spurs in January, added: ‘That’s been happening since I was 18, since I’ve been driving. And each time it happens, I just laugh and because I know what’s coming and it’s just how it is.

‘Whenever I go on the train, you know, one of the last times I got on the train, I got on there with my bags and straight away the attendant says, “Do you know this is first class?” And I say, “yeah, so what?” and they’ll say, “oh well, let me see your ticket then?”

‘So I show the lady my ticket and this is no word of a lie, two white people walked on the train right after me and oh, she said nothing. And I said, “well, are you not going to ask for their tickets?” And she said, “oh well, no, I don’t need to”.’

Of the regular incidents when he is driving, Rose added: ‘The last time, last week, when I’d just been at my mum’s house, I had pulled up in a car park so the engine was off.

‘The police pulled in and they brought a riot van, three police cars and they questioned me. They said they’d had a report that a car had not been driving correctly.

‘So I’m like “OK, so why does that make it my car?” I got my ID out and they breathalysed me. It’s just honestly one of those things to me now. What can I do?’
Rose was one of four Newcastle players involved in a row with supporters travelling back to the North East by train earlier this year after a heavy defeat by Arsenal.

It was widely reported at the time that Rose, Allan Saint-Maximin, Nabil Bentaleb and Christian Atsu did nothing wrong after video emerged of a flashpoint on a train from Kings Cross following a 4-0 loss at the Emirates in February.

The players opted to head back by rail after a bumpy flight to the capital for the match. Last month Met Police chief Cressida Dick apologised to Team GB sprinter Bianca Williams for the distress her officers caused her in a heavy-handed stop-and-search.

Dame Cressida told the Home Affairs committee she echoed a senior officer who had said ‘I’m sorry’ to the 26-year-old over the incident, which was heavily criticised and branded ‘racial profiling’ after video of it went viral.

Williams and her Portuguese sprinter husband Ricardo dos Santos, 25, were hauled from their Mercedes and handcuffed in front of their three-month-old son in Lanhill Road, Maida Vale. – Daily Mail UK.

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