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COVID-19: Cases rise to 160

Zimbabwe's confirmed Covid-19 cases rose to 160 yesterday after 11 cases tested positive.

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Jack Ma despatches ventilators, PPEs

07 Apr, 2020 - 00:04 0 Views
Jack Ma despatches ventilators, PPEs Mr Jack Ma

The Herald

Sifelani Tsiko Agriculture, Environment and Innovations Editor

Chinese billionaire Mr Jack Ma has despatched a second consignment of medical supplies to help Africa fight the novel coronavirus.

Mr Ma said in a tweet: “Our second donation to 54 countries in Africa is on the way. That includes 500 ventilators, 200k suits and face shields, 2k thermometers, 1m swabs and extraction kits and 500k gloves. Thank you @AbiyAhmed Ali @flyethiopia @Africa CDC @WFP for your partnership. Stay safe Africa.”

Last month, Mr Ma pledged a total of 1,1 million coronavirus test kits, six million masks and 60 000 medical protective suits and face shields to the African continent.

Zimbabwe has since received its first consignment from the Chinese billionaire.

Last month, Africa received 1,5 million test kits, 5,4 million face mask and medical supplies.

The Ethiopian government received the donation on behalf of all countries while its national carrier distributed the kits to the rest of the continent.

Although there are fewer coronavirus infections in Africa than other parts of the world, latest WHO figures show that the continent now has more than 9 310 cases of Covid-19 in more than 40 countries and 444 confirmed deaths across the continent.

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