It’s time for ‘Mark’

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It’s time for ‘Mark’ Mark Ngwazi

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Tomorrow is simply time for ‘Mark’.

To some fans, sungura music could have died with the Covid-19 pandemic as the best in the genre struggled to release albums during the era.

It was only the Zimdancehall and hip hop artistes that were riding high and had become household names in the country.

With sungura artistes now dropping albums, there could be a huge turnaround for the genre. 

A fortnight ago, sungura ace Alick Macheso launched his album in style, starting with an executive launch at Rainbow Towers and an ordinary one at Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza.

It was three years after his last project.

Another fine and rising sungura artiste, Mark Ngwazi from Njanja in Mashonaland East province, is expected to launch a seven-track album tomorrow and “Nharo neZvinenharo” is the title.

It is also being released two years after his last project.

Art doesn’t just happen by accident, it is about pulling out new tricks and trying new things.

The “Taurai Madzoka” hit maker said he will be having an executive launch tomorrow at Longchen Plaza in Belvedere.

“The choice of the venue is deliberate as the launch is for executives only,” said Ngwazi. “Our charge is also to cater for the executives, we are trying to limit attendees, but the numbers of people promising to come seems high. 

“We will have another venue and date for other fans. Artistes usually prefer to launch in ghettos where there are many people.” 

Asked about the timing, Ngwazi said it was perfect, especially considering that Macheso dropped his album a fortnight ago.

“In sungura we are one,” he said. “We actually encourage all sungura artiste to release at the same time so that our music is listened to at once. Also to give our fans a variety of choice.

“We must bombard our fans with sungura music so that it remains on top of the game. We may compete with other genres, but not among ourselves.” 

Ngwazi said his new album is about life experiences and encourages people to never look down upon each other.

Some of the tracks are “Shamwari”, “Hwahwa”, “Mabasa”, “Gokwe” and “Zvipo”. 

On “Zvipo”, Ngwazi said it was laden with a message inspiring people to utilise their talents.

“Simply having a talent is not enough, one should know how to utilise it,” Ngwazi said.

On “Mabasa”, he said it talks about roles that women play in society.

Ngwazi said on “Shamwari” he was urging people to have right friends in life.

 “Sometimes sungura fans enjoy creating fights between us artiste by comparing us,” he said. “Each artiste is unique in his or her way.

“They have no time to fully listen to our tracks, instead after halfway listening they start comparing the track with another from another artiste. 

“They end up losing the message of the song. We are not competing, but we want them to enjoy music.”

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