It’s Morgan’s bed, he lies on it!

It’s Morgan’s bed, he lies on it! LEGEND OF THE PARK . . . One of the pictures of Morgan Tsangirai and a bevy of women that went viral on socal media
LEGEND OF THE PARK . . . One of the pictures of Morgan Tsangirai and  a bevy of women that went viral on socal media

LEGEND OF THE PARK . . . One of the pictures of Morgan Tsangirai and a bevy of women that went viral on socal media

We were back this week again to the familiar Morgan Tsvangirai and women story. Some photos circulated on social media in which the opposition leader was pictured with skimpily clad women and in the two pictures, he certainly appeared to be enjoying himself.

When The Herald wrote the story the dirt shot to the fan.

It was to be expected, and it had to force Tsvangirai to mount a defence, which he did unconvincingly.

We pity poor Obert Gutu who was caught offside in a spectacularly embarrassing fashion.

Here is what Gutu told us: “Those pictures were obviously photoshopped. They are completely fake and puerile. This is Zanu-PF propaganda in its most desperate mode.

“Instead of focusing on real issues of resuscitating the collapsed economy as well as addressing the impending drought that will affect about six million Zimbabweans, the Zanu-PF regime is busy pursuing this childish and spurious propaganda campaign against Morgan Tsvangirai.”

He added: “No right-thinking person will be swayed by this desperate and frivolous campaign to malign and denigrate Morgan Tsvangirai’s public image.”

That mouthful only for his boss to repudiate the conspiracy theory and say the pictures were genuine but these were only his supporters blah blah blah.

Such a thankless job!

But then, Gutu should brace for more situations like that.


Some people chose not to see the scandal in those pictures. Of course, they are mainly Tsvangirai’s supporters.

Visitors from Mars could be forgiven, too.

The real scandal in the pictures were not the scantily dressed women one of whose posterior Tsvangirai was admiring as he laughed like a fool.

The real scandal is Tsvangirai who is not new to such scandals and who is acclaimed to have an open zip policy.

This is the reason why people were quick to rechristen him as “The Legend of the Park”, a laconic parody of yet another scandal he was involved in with a South African woman.

That is his tragedy and it is going to cost him a lot of political capital, if it has not already.

That is the crux of the matter.

And the other tragedy is that he has poor judgment and those around him are close to helpless when it comes to advising and covering him.

It is an open secret that Tsvangirai surrounds himself with inept people who are mainly his relatives and other hangers- on that do not add value to him and his office.

It is said these people double up as pimps for Tsvangirai.

They are the ones that look for girls for mudhara and take phone numbers of women at airports and wherever he goes.

It has been said that contending factions in the MDC-T have sought to be close to Tsvangirai by competing as to who looks for the nicest women for him.

And as Gweru was happening these Tsvangirai people could as well have been patting themselves as the master was pleasuring, apparently, with the girls.

So whatever is happening is of Tsvangirai’s own making.

Sorry, there is no Zanu-PF propaganda there.

Tsvangirai has made his bed – and how befitting for us to say – and he must lie on it!

And with whoever he likes.

Dzamara connection

Among scores of Tsvangirai’s supporters who fell over each other to defend their man, we found one most interesting.

It is a Facebook response by one Patson Dzamara to a post by Zanu-PF’s Psychology Maziwisa who had remarked on the scandal.

Patson Dzamara is a brother to Itai, that chap who is often claimed to have disappeared, and the one thing they share is attention-seeking, Patson being a struggling writer who has churned out a lot of useless books.

When the Dzamara disappearance debacle started, it was largely seen to be a gift to his megalomaniac brother who has since basked in the sun of the alleged disappearance of his brother.

We hear he is planning to write a book about Itai.

Perhaps that is the big break he was looking for.

But that is to digress.

Dzamara didn’t think Tsvangirai was enjoying himself, which we believed he was.

“How can you derive erotic pleasure from young, innocent joyful girls posing for a picture with the leader of their party?

“No wonder rape even of toddlers remains a big issue in our country, because of psychotic messed up men who see sex in anything – lo and behold even donkeys are raped.

“Women are not objects. They are our mothers, sisters and daughters. I demand that you respect them and desist from making irresponsible statements inebriated with innuendos, stereotypes and sexist prejudices . . .

“What does the MDC-T leader’s posing for photos with his supporters have to do with anything?”

We can bet this could be the attention-seeking Patson’s latest attempt to market himself.

Granted, we think Tsvangirai himself could make use of such advice about women not being objects and innocent girls (like Loreta Nyathi was a couple years back when Tsvangirai made her a concubine).

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