International varsities for educational expo Education is a fundamental tool in the empowerment of the young generation
Education is a fundamental tool in the empowerment of the young generation

Education is a fundamental tool in the empowerment of the young generation

Swagga T Cool Lifestyle Writer
Education is a fundamental tool in the empowerment of the young generation as they are groomed and modelled to occupy future positions to steer the ship of sustainable development in their countries. However, less has been done in nurturing and directing efforts of young students towards the demands of the ever changing global market.

To bring a solution to this challenge, Kool Digital Learning which is an educational consultancy, has come up with a Harare International Educational Fair to be held on October 29 at the Rainbow Towers.

In an interview with Cool Lifestyle, event co-ordinator Moses Mbimbi said the educational fair was the missing link in the educational sector as most children had little or no information that can mould and guide their career paths.

“It might be difficult for many students to access information about what career to take or even which university to join after high school education. “We are now bridging that gap through a system in which we bring the universities – local and international – to interface with the students and create a relationship which we hope will bear good fruits,” said Mbimbi.

He said they will conduct mentorship, networking, partnerships, scholarships, student exchange programmes and leadership training to motivate and build a positive attitude amongst students. “This will create a platform for educational synergies at international level and offer alternative career options.

“Due to exodus of tertiary students to institutions of higher learning in countries like Cyprus, China among others the Fair will also give exposure to parents, teachers and students on some of the institutions that have a wide range of programmes rather than focus only on the few known institutions.

“This fair will open a wide array of opportunities locally and internationally for those student, parents and teachers who are interested in research and forward planning,” he said. gain at the same time a lot of students have suffered after being cheated by bogus agents and individuals who pretend to be representing foreign colleges.

“This is an opportunity of a life time in which students, parents and teachers can have solid information and pathways of dealing with international institutions at fairly no cost. “This is just a design to empower and encourage efficient information dissemination and cutting off boundaries as we embrace the concept of globalisation which has since become inevitable,” he said.

Mbimbi said a lot of incidents of abuse have also been recorded in some circumstances in which students had to realise that what they had been made to imagine is not what is exactly on the ground.

“This forum also offers an advantage of association and a potential formulation of serious relations among institutions which will foster exchange programmes in different faculties without forgetting cultural exchange programmes. “In a much broader view, this fair is not limited to students but also caters for institutions to strengthen relations and share knowledge and wisdom.

In addition school children and parents will have access to speak to international universities representatives personally. “It will create bridges of friendship for there are many students from foreign countries who are dying to come and study in areas of anthropology for Zimbabwe has a very rich historical background and natural endowments among other thing,” he explained.

He said that the fair is a tourism window to foreign exhibitors for them to enjoy the beauty of our beloved nation and tape also into some of the basic fundamentals of the highly literate population on the continent.

Some of the international educational institution representatives expected to attend are Greenwich University (UK), Amity Global Business School (Mauritius), Monash (South Africa) and Alu University (Mauritius/ Pakistan) among others.

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