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In depth, just like in life, Zuze left a lasting impression

30 Jun, 2020 - 00:06 0 Views
In depth, just like in life, Zuze left a lasting impression Biggie Zuze

The Herald

Fungai Lupande in BINDURA

HE made Bindura proud, during his life and, in death, he brought his hometown to a standstill.

The Mashonaland Central capital has never seen anything like this — the invasion of thousands of mourners and the transformation of the town into a sea of blue-and-white colours.

Dynamos might not be the dominant force they used to be, when Biggie Zuze was starring for them, but the Glamour Boys are still a powerful family.

And, one just needed to be here yesterday, for the burial of Zuze, to see the power of this football giant.

This is what those who attended Zuze’s burial ceremony said:

Titus Zvomuya, Sports and Recreation board member

“For one to play for Dynamos, one had to be extremely talented. Zuze managed to penetrate the club and he was coming from Bindura for that matter. Those who know the history of Dynamos know that it was filled by people from Mufakose and Mbare. It was difficult for anyone, outside those two places, to penetrate the club. He deserved a hero status and we will try to have him recognised as a hero posthumously. This is a big loss for the sporting fraternity. Zuze was a role model across the sports spectrum. I knew him personally from days he was a young player. He was committed and passionate about his coaching career. He motivated the young players. In 2004 he was part of the Kidsnet programme that produced some of the best players in Zimbabwe.”

Isaiah Mupfurutsa, Dynamos

executive chairman

“He is a Dynamos son. He was a humble guy, very respectful and his sudden departure was a huge blow to us. I received a call from coach Tonderai Ndiraya that Zuze was not feeling well. I thought we will have an opportunity to go and see him. We only had an hour to know about his sudden illness and death. It was a shock. I could not believe it. I was under a lot of stress. His death came at a time when things were beginning to settle for us as a club, we have been involved in serious preparations and resourcing for the club, looking for right players we needed for this season. When Ndiraya went to Belgium, Zuze remained in charge of the team. His departure left us shaken and the gap he left will be difficult to fill. Our players need time to recover from the shock.”

Tonderai Ndiraya, Dynamos

head coach

“We had managed to put together our team, comprising mostly of young players. I promise him that we will carry forward his work.’’

King Nadolo, Dynamos forward

“Off the football pitch, he was like a father, brother and friend to me. He taught me about life and his death is a shock. We will try to play all the games for him.’’

Sylvester Appiah, Dynamos

Ghanaian defender

“I am a new player and I met him this season. He was a very nice guy. He was quiet and would tell you all your faults. He has left a big vacuum. It was like I am watching a movie but I came here and found a body, life is very short. I am very hurt.’’

Bhekimpilo Nyoni, Zimbabwe Coaches Association chairman

“We worked together for a long time and he could manage the top teams and junior teams without difficulties. I am the director of BN Academy and, whenever Zuze had free time, he would come and help and talented players passed through his hands.’’

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